The Spidey EP

by MasDaMind

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In case many of you don't know, Spider-Man is my all time favorite Superhero. Ever since his creation way back in the 60s, he has had quite the exposure in the comic world, the game world, and the movie world. This is my EP tribute to the hero. Just a lil something something to keep your tastebuds satisfied until I get started working on my next album. To all the Spidey Fans out there, y'all rock! TEAM SPIDEY FOR LIFE!


released July 14, 2015

The copyrights of the materials used to create this album go to their respective owners. This EP is for entrainment purposes only, not for profit! Shoutout to Stan Lee and the whole crew at Marvel! Thank you for this wonderful gift!




MasDaMind Kissimmee, Florida

My name is MasDaMind. I started out writing raps back in 2004, and been doing it ever since. i took a break after i graduated high school to focus on making mashups, which i started back in 2008. Both ventures were a learning process to this day. NOw Masdamind is on Gods team and ready to take the world by storm. Alot more is to come, so stay tuned! Amen! ... more

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Track Name: Here Comes the Spider-Man
I’m a beast from the east, wall crawling and brawling
Keeping ole New York City same from harm and(2)
No what matter universe, amazing or ultimate
Every single challenge, I’ve conquered all of it (4)
My spider sense is tingling while im swinging off web strings
Superhuman strength for the things that the days bring (6)
Enemies surrounding with evil intentions
But I restore peace to shattered dimensions (8)
Am I strong? Listen bud
I got 6 quarts of radioactive blood (10)
In the chill of the night at the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light, I arrive in time (12)
No wealth, and no game
But everywhere I go people screaming my name (14)
You all know just who I am
Your friendly neighborhood Spider man (16)
Worldwide, Internationally famous
Superhero business aint nothing to play with (2)
A whole bunch of bad guys, on a mission
I round em all up and lock em in prison (4)
Spider powers and agility
With great power comes great responsibility (6)
That’s the motto that I live by
Balance between hero and a personal life (8)
It’s a struggle, but I keep on going
Not knowing what the future holds, aint no slowing (10)
Me down, whether or not I have your approval
Making headlines on the Daily Bugle (12)
Click, say cheese
Been doing this since the 1960s (14)
They will mock me, if they can
But I’m still the amazing spider man (16)
Track Name: Spider-Rap
Spider Man, Spider Man, Radioactive Spider Man
Amazing Fantasy, made by stan lee, sealed with the official Marvel Brand (2)
Spider Bug, Spider Bug, Radioactive Spider Bug
Love at first bite, above the street lights, ready to throw down like a street fight (4)
Snapping pictures, chasing dames, Felicia Hardy or Mary Jane
Whatever happens, he wins, They might as well call him the kingpin (6)
Never a dull moment, so take a stand or go and run
Better get ready for the Spider Man cause here he comes (8)
(No Chorus)
Sometimes Spidey runs out of web fluid, he don’t want this
IN a battle, so he treats it like a Genesis and changes catridges (2)
Then tames the Lizard, tails the Scorpion, toe to toe with Morbius,
Even if it’s the Sinister Six, in the end He is victorious, (4)
Remove the Venom, Blast the Shocker, Got you locked in a webbing hold
Hunt him down like kraven n get taken down with some animal control (6)
Even if he’s got J Jonah Jameson breathing down his neck
Peter Parker aka Spiderman still proves that he’s the best (8)( No Chorus)
Track Name: Who Am I?
Who am I? You sure you wanna know?
Some say I’m a menace, Some say that I am a hero (2)
This is about a girl, Mary Jane Watson
And fighting off the villain they call the Green Goblin (4)
This is my gift, and this is my curse
Bad or worse, I have to be willing to put my life first (6)
On the line, every time, webs flying from my hand
Who am i? I’m Spider-Man (8)

He’s back, the masked menace returns
For part 2, where it seems everywhere i get burned (2)
Lost a job, lost a friend, landlord begging for rent
The girl I love don’t want me, no end to my torment (4)
But we all need a hero, so I don’t stop
Get my powers back in line, take the fight to doc ock(6)
Though i wish i could be Spider Man no more
Responsibility is something I cannot ignore (8)

Part 3 of the Trilogy, Front page, Ny Loves Spidey
New Goblin in town coming after me, my ex best friend named Harry (2)
Got a ring from Aunt May, no more broadway for Mary Jane
Goblin, Venom, Sandman, so much hate I might just go insane(4)
Sandstorm, But its not Darude, Raising hell in a black suit
Squash the beef, then me n Harry can play a little two on two (6)
In the end we have a choice to live for who we choose to be
As for me, I will always be your friendly neighborhood Spidey (8)
Track Name: The Amazing Spider-Man
A high school kid, parents gone in a flash
Ironically the name of the bully in his class (2)
Nothing but a briefcase full of unsolved mysteries
And top secret knowledge that could change (4)
History, make a world without weakness
A lizard man made implemented thesis (6)
In the streets Uncle Ben shot dead
Anger building up as he climbs up the webs (8)
webbing from scratch, everything spandex
Monster made from cross species (10)
Genetics, Police want him arrested
Loved ones are always the ones affected (12)
Antidote cloud, bring in the peace
Because of a promise, they cannot be(14)
The sun may shine, but the rain is harder
For both Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker (16)

Chorus: 4x
(The) reason that you run to darkness
(Amazing) Power that I wield and harness
(Spider) Symbol of a cunning warrior
(Man) Be a hero and not a destroyer

One is for the chance that you get to make a move right
Two is for the web shooters, catch you in the dead of night
Three is for the family, been there for me every step
Four is for the corners of the city that i must protect
Five is for my hand, hold you tight and I will not let go
Six is for humanity, fighting for your very soul
Seven is for strength, that i give, which is my very best
Eight is for a new day, then i get to finally rest

Day two, What do you got for me today, New York?
Visions of Gwen’s dad trapped inside, fan obsessed with an electric vibe(2)
Lightning in the sky, but its not star wars,
though he looks and fights like a Sith Lord (4)
Best friend Harry out for blood
Secrets in the tunnel, but its not love (6)
Though Peter wants it, he has to fight
Hold on to hope, keep hope alive (8)
Sadly it was taken away,
His one true love that he could not save (10)
Visits her grave everyday,
Hang up the suit to cope with the pain (12)
Though the journey ahead is unknown
We can rest well, knowing that we’re not alone (14)

Chorus 4x

Track Name: Ultimate Alliance( featuring Rhyme Artist)
Ultimate Spider Man
climbing and fighting to the Top
Ultimate Spider Man
Climbing and rhyming and fighting till I reach the top of the world

I’m Amazing, but thats not enough
Gotta elevate my status, step my game up (2)
Upgrade, next gen, work with a team
While Triple J is spewing hate on the big screen (4)
5 times the threat when where in the midst
White Tiger, Nova, Power man, and Iron Fist (6)
You can call me the Iron Spider
Cause when I suit up, there is no foe higher (8)
Certified member of the Avengers
These days I’ve never felt better (10)
Though the struggles seem like a curse
I still kick butt across the spider verse (12)
I’ve seen worse days, so I can’t complain
I entertain and yet remain within my domain (14)
As an agent of shield, in the battlefield
My title is the final vital reason for survival (16)
(Rhyme Artist Verse)
Track Name: Spider-Medley
As we cruise through the valley of alleyways
For the Bugle, in the scoop, trying to get the news (2)
On what’s the cause of all this chaos
The story unfolds and the hard work pays off (4)
Doc Ock, and the villians he’s dealing with
Going by the name of the Sinister Syndicate (6)
Lifted, and stole the statue of liberty
Either we lose it or surrender the city (8)
Doc got a green ray to lift stuff off the ground
Well what goes up must come back down (10)
And Spidey is the man of this town, best around
1 against 5, odds so profound (12)
High above, in the air, where the battle erupts
Things are just star-ting to heat up (14)
The most dangerous night of his life
And mine, as we fight for our right (16)
To headlines, worldwide news recognition
Survive, stay alive, is our only mission (18)
This is the amazing adventures
Lifetime moment I will always remember (20)

On the rooftop, where it don’t stop, keep moving
Spidey, the villains are no longer hiding (2)
What is this, the bad guy Olympics? no
But the only imposter is Mysterio (4)
NYPD Choppers on my trail
Cant afford to let my enemies prevail (6)
Caught my breath, now back to swinging
Crawl like a real spider on the ceiling (8)
Stop the bank heist, save the hostages
Team up with Venom to fight carnage (10)
Black cat is where the party’s at
No bad luck here, just the welcome mat (12)
Once shes’ free, its time to go
Before everything goes up in smoke (14)
This is how I end my day
With a friendly superhero card game (16)

Fist full of web to your head,
Youre dead, if you’re not in jail instead (2)
Kick you in the face, then comes the punch line
Flip you in the air to catch some hang time (4)
I ain’t no spider wuss
And don’t call me bug boy, I’m not a push (6)
Over, you got arachnaphobia
Trying to run away while im passing over ya (8)
Lights out, in a web cocoon
And if I don’t have you now, im coming soon (10)
( scratch)
War with the creeps, patrolling the streets
Ending all C-R-I-M-E (2)
Hot on the trail, not gonna fail
Even if I fall, they shall not prevail(4)
One chance, is all I get
Make a mess and there’s no ability to reset (6)
Its not a video game on a PS1
Or N64, once im done, im done (8)
Take it serious, lots at stake
Use a spider tracer when I cant give chase (10)
Comedy is my specialty
Especially when it comes to mocking my enemies (12)
Now or never, lets finish this
Cut the small talk and get down to business (14)
IN the end you’re behind bars
Hope u enjoyed the show, now its time for me to roll (16)