I Am

by MasDaMind

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The wait is finally over! Here is the third album/mixtape by yours truly. This one has been in the work for quite some time now. Idk what to say about this one, other than of course, its an improvement over the previous record, both lyrically and recording wise. At least, I feel it is. Ive learned so much along the way with this one: not just about myself and music, but about life and people in general, and it is my prayer that through listening to this record, you will be inspired to do much more in your life, but also in the lives of others in a very positive manner. If u were blessed, please share with me your testimony and share the music. Thanks guys. Love u all. God bless!


released November 1, 2014

All lyrics are written by me, along with the people who were guests on certain tracks. the beats and production credits go to their respective owners, which are listed on each track in the info description. All in all, its for the love, not the money.
Shoutout to those who were an inspiration for this project: Mega Ran aka RandomBeats, Sammus, and many more. Thank you all for what u do. Love u guys. Enjoy!




MasDaMind Kissimmee, Florida

My name is MasDaMind. I started out writing raps back in 2004, and been doing it ever since. i took a break after i graduated high school to focus on making mashups, which i started back in 2008. Both ventures were a learning process to this day. NOw Masdamind is on Gods team and ready to take the world by storm. Alot more is to come, so stay tuned! Amen! ... more

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Track Name: My Story
Growing up in the days
Game boy with the Double A’s (2)
Small town, big city,
Black couch, mini TV (4)
Disney trips with family
Decorating the Christmas tree (6)
Traveling around the land
Toys could never leave my hand (8)
Despite many places that ive been around
I feel like I was raised in Pallet Town (10)
Cause I grew up knowing about pokemon
Though I only had 3 kind to choose from (12)
Many times I felt red and a little blue
But I hardly was yellow cause of Pikachu (14)
This is where my story starts
With childhood memories I take to heart (16)

( Chorus: Hey, Hey All right
This is the story of my life
And as I share it with you
I pray you, will stay true)

That cute little boy in the bubble bath
Is all grown up and is on a path (2)
To break curses, get through the worst weather
In a world of dreams and adventures (4)
Up, there is no other way
All boys gotta leave home some day (6)
My mom is a great treasure God could give
And I will give him all my life to live (8)


So many years have come and went
I can honestly say its time well spent (2)
But the games’ not over, not complete
Unlike rivals, I won’t taste defeat (4)
My story has the ending you all know
Though the mystery is for you to unfold (6)
Knock and he will open the door
But this is my life, you decide yours (8)
Track Name: Dreams Aren't Real
Nowadays dreams be more realer than reality
A dose of daily bread to renew my mentality (2)
Morality in place when I come face to face
With checks not of salary, spiritual normality (4)
Staring at the world from the window
Of my indoor staring at the grass, thinking about summer’s past (6)
When I used to live life as a kid
Even though my world was small, I would dare to dream big (8)
Dreaming bout what my heart tells me is real
Use my talents as a balance to keep turning the wheel (10)
Of my creativity, maintain my stability
And willingly bring forth endless possibilities (12)
The morning sun sets and the moon will rise
As another chapter closes and my dreams survive(14)
Though its all in my mind I shall bring it forth
Lift my praise and my prayers with my head to the north (16)

CHORUS: (4x)
(Dreams aren’t real, but they can be if u make em
Come true, but its all up to me n you (2)
Keep your head up and keep moving on
Till the break of dawn, dreaming thru my favorite songs)

I use to see dreams as just imagination
Now I see dreams as a means of motivation (2)
Inspired by the visions and the lyrics of music
Document my thoughts so I would not lose it (4)
A lil piece of paper and a box of crayola
Pictures of success as I get my dipoma (6)
Or Phd, even if nobody believed in me
My hope ain’t gone, all I do is dream on, (8)
Like Aerosmith told me to do
Kept dreaming and believing till the dreams came true (10)
Took the words of advice I received with wisdom
Misery has missed me, but I don’t miss em (12)
Dreams aren’t real, but they can be if u make em
Come true, but its all up to me n you (14)
Keep your head up and keep moving on
Till the break of dawn, dreaming thru my favorite songs (16)
Track Name: Blue
I’m blue, if I was green I would die, that’s why I’m cool in blue
But not a square like tardis on doctor who (2)
Blue like a monster who eats cookies, or the skin on a smurf
Or like a water pokemon that i can teach how to surf (4)
Best friends with aladdin, running from pac man, watch man like Dr. Manhatten
Power of hope, call me blue lantern, blue like eyes on a white dragon (6)
Making it happen, fast as sonic, grab the coins and reach the goal
Switch the flow, back to slow, ice cold as sub zero (8)
I read the word like beast, transform like mystique
Blue like the twitter bird, so wont you come and follow me (10)
I’m blue but not sad, because I have been saved
My joy is brighter then a blue light special at Big K (12)
Blue like the berries on a tree
Blue but my foster friends are not imaginary (14)
More blue than a music video by Eiffel 65
Writing cause I am blue, da ba dee da ba die (16)

You know, with me and you and my dog Blue
We can do anything that we wanna do (2)
I can put the heart of the ocean jewel around your body
And we can hunt and fly around and be at peace like the Na’vi (4)
Blue screen of death cant stop us, because I am a megaman
I can beat the robot master cause I have a master plan (6)
Start a band called blue man group, tour once in a blue moon
And make the bank with thomas the tank because the kids all love their cartoons (8)
From lilo and stitch, to jabberjaw, to buster bunny and freakazoid
To Blue Falcon and Super Grover, our imagination cant be destroyed (10)
Blue everything, blue way of life, wave around the big blue banner
Blue rapper and blue dancer with the blues like jagger (12)
Blue M&Ms, Blue ivy, Blue ranger
Wearing blue like the tick, with a blue lighstaber (14)
Blue water, blue jay, blue planet, blue sky
I am blue, so blue, da ba dee da ba die (16)
Track Name: Cool Catz
I’m the Top Cat, like a Hanna Barbera prime time
Show on Tv, as cool as can be (2)
They come running as fast as they can
Cause every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man (4)
Sophisticated, motivated
Laid back, mild, never going out of style (6)
Cool, the plain and simple
True definition of the life I’m into (8)

( Chorus (2x): cool katz, the cool katz, the cool katz, life of the party
Cool katz, the cool katz, the cool katz, mind over body)

Groovy, Earthworm Jim style
Underdog rebel with a spotless profile (2)
Never has time to commit no crimes
Always reaching for the sky cause we’re so fly (4)
An elite group made for everyone
So long as u embrace truth and wisdom (6)
Cool, a perpetual mindset
Up to the minute, no need for a time check (8)

(Chorus 2x)

A well balanced blend of soul
Funk, r&b, pop, and rock and roll (2)
Hip hop, bebop, gospel and blues
Jazz, dance, techno, whatever u choose (4)
All it takes to be cool is be you
Honest and truthful, clear as see through (6)
Cool, get with the program
Cold as Frosty, but I’m not a snowman (8)

( Chorus 2x)

(Bridge 2x) Now im in the zoooone
If u aint cool, take your hot head hooome (2)
Cause we the cool katz, and we run this
Blessed by the Lord, living in abundance (4)

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Music for my eyes
Both a gift and a curse, an art form used to paint what I speak (2)
As an artist, I can create life, or death
Sound waves, dynamic riding on every breath (4)
The definition and significance may vary for all
But when you hear the composition, you will answer the call (6)
And yet I feel its true purpose isn’t reflected today
What once was pure and used to cure the silence faded away (8)
That’s why new music always drops and yet I can’t relate to it
Cant connect to the game, because of money and fame, (10)
they all sound the same, like robots, trained to work like a slave
Put on a show so dough can flow and stimulate what we crave, the flesh (12)
Yet nobody wanna hear what I see, even though I put out my music for free
But I don’t do it for the accolades, and I don’t do it as a way to get paid (14)
If one person can be inspired to make a change in their life
Then I have succeeded and give glory to Lord Jesus Christ (16)

Chorus: 2X
Music for my eyes, music from my soul
Music for the love, Music is my goal
Music in the mind, music from the start
Music is an ear so u can hear into my heart

Do you see what im saying? A phrase so overly used
And yet so deep it makes me ponder on the future of music (2)
Will it ever reboot? will music just self destruct?
Will what it truly means to be an artist soon be defunct? (4)
Will artists be able to make a hot song and still be free
To walk the streets and not be treated like celebrities? (6)
Will the music industry be about money and treasure?
Cause if it is, then the business is a witness to the finish of music forever (8)
No more existence of morals, no longer being role models
No more being who u r, but playing roles in a novel (10)
No more authentic creative inspirational lyrics
Fall in line or you wont make a dime and noone will hear it (12)
If this game is gonna change, then its up to us
We need to delete corrupt data and blow off the dust (14)
And reset the whole console and lets begin again
Music was meant for everybody, so come on in (16)

Chorus 4x
Track Name: Read all about it
We all have a voice that’s deep inside us
It not only speaks, but it also guides us (2)
And yet we’re ashamed, so we keep it hidden
As if there was a law that truth is forbidden (4)
Well Extra, Extra, Read all about it
I’ve been silent long enough, but now its (6)
Time to start using that tool that many
Of us can make the world better if we had plenty (8)
Words, nations, different conversations
Declarations sprung from every generation (10)
The young and the old come together as one
To speak out against immorality and corruption (12)
We’re only victims of what we put with
So lets not go and plead the fifth (14)
But be first in the door and the last ones out
Open the mouth of our hearts, let it scream and shout (16)
I’m not ashamed to use my voice for a reason
But like everything, there is a season (2)
A time to be born and a time to die
A time to fall down and a time to fly (4)
A time to weep and a time to laugh,
A time to mourn and a time to dance (6)
So use it wisely, cause it wont last
Every second that is lost is trapped in the past (8)
Now is our turn to make a difference
To make a real change and refrain from ignorance (10)
They all want us to remain a fool
And act like we never ever graduated from preschool (12)
Don’t be afraid to express your mind
It don’t matter if they criticize (14)
Let em love me or go on a hating spree
But they cannot stop the voice that I have in me(16)
Track Name: Man of Truth part 2
I wrote a song called Man of Truth
But many men still didn’t understand the truth (2)
So here I come back
With a play by play recap (4)
And, better yet, heres come the sequel
Cause my people are blind to treat women as equals (6)
Want to hit it and quit it, kids out of wedlock
Then put their ladies on lock like cellblocks (8)
Lie to them, then expect the truth
Tell them who they can and who they cannot talk to (10)
Is that what makes a man? I don’t think so
This is what makes an ignorant nympho (12)
I might sound preachy and a lil bit rude
But every man needs a dose of tough love and truth (14)
So let me introduce you to some good tough loving,
Cause if u aint a real man, then you ain’t nothing (16)

Chorus: 3x
Man of Truth, where are you at?
This is part 2, back in full effect
And there aint gonna be no trilogy
So submit to the truth cause the truth is free

But let’s be clear
Im not trying to act like man of the year (2)
Or sit up here putting down all the fellas
Though some might get real mad or jealous(4)
I’m just saying we can be much more
If we just be real and stop being whores (6)
Appreciate her worth
Love as Christ loved the church (8)
Submit to your woman, not be her slave
And encourage her strengths, don’t dig the grave (10)
Don’t misbehave and lose what you have
cause you cant have a whole if you cut off half (12)
And just be you, that’s all it takes
Why would u wanna waste time being fake (14)
Embrace the truth and stop the running,
Cause if u aint a real man, you aint nothing (16)

Man of truth
It could be you if you do what you have to (2)
For the both of you
I know this much is true (4)
A husband and a father
Respect and honor, wears the armor (6)
Defends and protects, provides the loving
Cause if u aint real man, then you aint nothing (8)

Chorus: 3x

If this really is a man’s world, and it aint nothing without a woman, then lets be the kind of men that God requires us to be. A woman can do it all by herself, but a real man wont let her.
Track Name: Let it Go
( hook)
In this cold and dark world that we live, day and night
Full of crime and hatred, hearts frozen as ice (2)
Building up a snowstorm and not making olafs
Lets be like queen elsa and take the gloves off (4)
Put an end to the hate and lies and the drugs
And the fear and appear with the free warm hugs (6)
And if love is an open door
The cold can’t hurt us anymore (8)
If we open up our hearts and throw a little love inside
We can make the fire burn a little more open wide (10)
For the first time in forever I know
I don’t need to hide who I am, just let go (2)
The past is in the past, I am a new creature
With a whole of features if u just dig deeper (4)
If you want to get to me know and have no doubt
Of who I really am, then don’t shut me out (6)
Give me a chance and I’ll be your Kristoph
Truth in your ear, but don’t get ticked off (8)
Don’t go shooting the messenger
Everyone’s a bit of a fixer upper (10)
We can all use a lil change
Cause things don’t ever stay the same (12)
I wanna see everyone
Get saved and make it to be part of the kingdom (14)
So let’s unite and like ana sacrifice
Ourselves unto God and receive true life, just let it go (16)
Track Name: Yo-Yo-Yoshi
This song is dedicated to your favorite lady
That since u were a baby, dreamed of being with daily(2)
Like an old school beatbox , ya’ll go way back
To N64 days, state the facts, (4)
Yo, she is natural, like dino green
Yo she is the best that I’ve ever seen (6)
Yo she is my designated player two
Red, Yellow,Pink, Purple, Black, White or Blue(8)

She Loves an adventure or the simplest things
Like cuddling, and watching piles of movies (10)
Sports, go karts, or tour the world
Cause all I need is Jesus and my girl (12)
Yo she got the spark to ignite a keg
Yo she got my heart locked like an egg (14)
And I aint too proud to beg, no
( Chorus :
She is fine, yo she is mine
The Girl is mine, the girl is mine
Yo she is fine, yo she is mine
The Girl is mine, the girl is mine
Yo she is fine, yo she is mine
The Girl is mine, the girl is mine
Yo she is the best girl that can be)
(4 bar rest)

This girl is so cool cool, she’s the bomb
Egg Roll and Egg Throw, gaming for fun (2)
Beautiful as an angel, wings are flapping
Spitting hot fire like a super dragon (4)
Yo she is a fighter that would die for us
Yo she is supportive, one I can trust (6)
Yo she is educated and creative
Motivated, Dedicated, and sophisticated (8)
Loves God more than she loves fruit
Christ from her head to the root of her boots (10)
A humble spirit, caregiver of kindness
We r one team, so there’s no defiance (12)
Yo she is an all star, gamer pro
Yo she is Yoshi, I’m Mario (14)
Yo she is ready, so here we go

Chorus: She is fine, yo she is mine
The Girl is mine, the girl is mine
Yo she is fine, yo she is mine
The Girl is mine, the girl is mine
Yo she is fine, yo she is mine
The Girl is mine, the girl is mine
Yo she is the best girl that can be)
Track Name: Cloud 9( featuring Mike Sonata)
Let me take you to a place, just close your eyes
Take my hand in your hand and relax your mind (2)
Picture you in a castle, the best they make
I’m invited inside cause you made me a cake (4)
Not a slave, but a queen or even a princess
Adventurous, even as a damsel in distress (6)
A soft kiss takes me beyond the stars
I just wanna be anywhere you are (8)
We could go swimming, dive or splash
Or fly thru the air from the wings of my hat(10)
Play with penguins, making men out of snow
Or ride a go kart on the road of a rainbow (12)
Being with you is so amazing
With you there is no more heartbreaking (14)
I’m laying here holding you in my arms
N I vow to protect you against all harm (16)

Chorus: Oh aye, you make me fly
Right up to the sky
I feel so high
High, high, im on cloud 9

Its just like a dream
Only this is real love, no movie scenes (2)
Being on cloud 9 is so elevating
Unconditional, no compensation (4)
Joy in my spirit cause we r a team
Under God as one balanced on a beam (6)
You jump, I jump, right into the deep
And we rise up together from our beauty sleep (8)
Its more than a feeling when we’re on cloud 9
It’s the fruit that we bear from the spirit divine (10)
That we eat to complete and reach full perfection
A deeper more spiritual type of connection (12)
This time that we have is so rare and limited
So lets make the most, love not prohibited (14)
Ascend to the land above the sky
As we share in the passion of cloud 9 (16)
Pinch me cause I think I’m dreaming( its too good to be true)
Girl your love has got me fiending( addicted to the things u do)
You don’t know what you’re doing, the things youre doing to me
You send me straight to the sky, oh aye
Track Name: Real Love( featuring Teth Osmosis)
Real love in the house, its so necessary
Why you fronting on me, its not necessary (2)
I’m hear to paint a picture, make it clear
And show you all the things u think are not what they appear to be (4)
I know you’ve had your heart broken before
But u don’t have to hurt anymore (6)
I’m not the kind of dude that will play with your mind
Or put u in the front and then leave you behind (8)
I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times
And every man that said it turned out to be a liar (10)
Well I invite you to give me a chance
But if u don’t trust me I can understand (12)
I’d rather earn your trust, taking it slow
But where this could go, you should ready know (14)
We could be so much more than friends
I can show you what your heart’s been missing (16)
( Teth Verse)
No more games or smokescreens and second guessing
You’re much more than a gift girl, you are a blessing (2)
I don’t want to control ya or own ya
I wanna make u my wife for the rest of my life (4)
The kind of love grown folks have
Where every memory would make us laugh (6)
Sunny days and only partly cloudy
To cool us down when the times get rowdy (8)
But nevertheless, I’ll give you my best
Love locked down like I was on house arrest (10)
I wont disappear in a year or two
Cause baby boo, girl, All I want is you (12)
That’s all I got, not much more to say
The choice is yours, but im here to stay (14)
I accept you, will you take me as I am?
I would love u as my girl if u have me as your man (16)
( Hook)
Track Name: Samus 31
A virtuous woman, price far above rubies
Even though u perverts just want to stare at her boobies (2)
Bounty Hunter and a lone gunner, able to stand
On two feet, doesn’t need to be rescued by a man (4)
She can do what the big boys do,
Go the extra mile too, in a cybernetic power suit (6)
Like an autobot, transform and roll out in a morph ball
Trusts in the Lord, here to answer the call (8)

(Chorus 2x: Samus 31, your life and adventure has begun
Newborn warrior, beautiful and free
Pray for a true peace in space as you roam the galaxy)

Like a living epistle
Spirit filled with the word, armed and ready with missiles (2)
Power beams from the arm cannon, making it happen
Plans ahead long term, quality is her passion (4)
Full of life , always saving her progress
She does not demand perfection, she demands excellence (6)
Not a mediocre, nor is she easily swayed
Cannot be played by the devil or temptations of fame (8)
Super status, stars and planets
Cannot compare to her righteous habits (10)
Clothed in strength yet a heart so tender
Impressions so big, people always remember (12)
Her name, The Mother brain cannot compare to any list
Of her accomplishments, rise higher than the Gunship
That’s why she’s Samus, Proverbs 31 woman
Not of this world, spirit far beyond human
Chorus 4x
Track Name: Hail to the King
(sound clip: Hail to the king, baby!)
( Chorus 2x: He is the one that shall not be blamed
Every knee bow, every tongue proclaim
There is not much more to say
So just hail to the King- (baby(sound clip)

Sometimes I feel like Duke
I wanna nuke em, but all I can do is rebuke em (2)
And keep moving forward, never back
Demonic invasion, Earth under attack (4)
Come get some, lets rock
Demon Hunters on your block (6)
Less talk, more action, ready to shoot
Kick the devil straight out with the mighty boot(8)
From LA to the bay to the milky way
I fuel up on the word cause it is my first aid (10)
Not looking for trouble, but I sure find it
Cause I love Christ and I can’t deny it (12)
Temptation, great urges
But deep down I know what’s worth it (14)
To be in your glory forever and ever
Because of your name, I will always remember (16)

chorus 2x

We got demons, even in church
Putting a price on your faith, selling it as merch (2)
Making jesus the product, and not the truth
Corrupt elders and leaders spitting on the youth(4)
Locking everyone in buildings and shallow teachings
With mindless music and false preachings (6)
All about money, and membership
call on the devastator, put an end to it (8)
Explosions of light to expose the wicked
Disturbed, but im not down with the sickness (10)
NO time for an ego trip
Maintaining humility in fellowship (12)
I got righteous indignation
This ain’t no game on a playstation (14)
Forget acceptance, seek repentance
Cause real life has real consequences (16)

chorus 2x

(bridge 2x) Lord of lords, King of Kings
El Shaddai and Elohim
Yahweh, there is none higher
All hail Jehovah Jireh
chorus 2x
( sound clip: get back to work, you slacker!)
Track Name: J-E-H-O-V-A
Jehovah Jireh, giver of life
Your very name means the lord will provide (2)
That’s why like Abraham with the ram
I will sacrifice it all to the great IAM (4)
My plans, my will, my ways and dreams
Spirit living in me like I was one with the Lifestream (6)
You guide me by faith with an outstretched hand
Call me Ancient cause my fate is the promised land (8)
The enemy wants the worst for me and my brethren
Wants to turn the whole church into Sector 7 (10)
Leave us trapped in the slums, eating crumbs like a bum
But we eat meat and drink, beating him like a kick drum (12)
Your word is pure
With a healing wind, our whole health is cured (14)
Depending on man is not a factor
Leeching off the planet like mako reactors (16)
But your grace is so sufficient
Content with joy due to your provision (18)
I call on your name in times of need
And I thank you for all you have done for me (20)
( HOOK2x:

J to the E to the H-O-V-A (3x)
Guiding me along the way)

Your thoughts are not my thoughts
Glad for that cause we’d both be like Sephiroth (2)
Angry at the world, want to watch it burn
Hating everyone and everything, only concerned (4)
With what we want, but you are not the flesh
Though I backslide at times, I will now repent (6)
Strive for righteousness, and not limit breaks
Defeat the enemy by being justified by faith (8)
You fight the battles I am not meant to fight
You are the cloud to cool down my strife (10)
You are the way out of any situation
And in you there is no condemnation (12)
Like flowers blooming in the church
Your comforter soothes me from pain and hurt (14)
Catches me when I fall like a safety net
When im burdened and weary u give me rest (16)
No more working for the enemy
Those days will no longer be the end of me (18)
My strings are cut, so I am free
Ride or die till we reach the end of disc 3 (20)

(Chorus 2x)

In the final hour
Your glory shall reveal your holy power (2)
Bright is your light like white materia
Then will they know that you are superior (4)
Inferior is meteor compared to you
After all, who can duplicate what you do? (6)
Yet they judge you, like you were at an audition
And blame you for everything including religion (8)
But it was humans who introduced rebellion
And made its own system of oppression (10)
So we can play the victim yet act like we’re better
And cover up our flaws like a turtleneck sweater (12)
We all fall short of standards
And place priority on things that don’t matter (14)
Why do people only thank the Lord
When they get what they want like its their reward?(16)
Yet they say you don’t exist, I don’t get it
I guess in their hearts the truth is embedded (18)
Though they refuse, I choose to believe
And trust in you to supply my needs (20)

(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: For the Kingdom
(Hook 2x For the Kingdom we shall fight
As one and we will rise
As we strike hard for the kingdom)

The battlefield is far and wide, like the road to destruction
Defeated foes knocked out of the ring like an eruption (2)
Of Volcanic proportions, with powers that seem fictional
But our battle is spiritual and not physical (4)
We are not the ones who fight, but He is the one that fights for us
The sword and bow, the gun and hammer is not where we put our trust (6)
We do not rejoice when our enemy falls
And yet we have more brothers than a super smash brawl (8)
Sisters too, cute as princess peach
With the power of Samus and the style of Sheik(10)
Diversity is huge, variety is major
We have Mario’s, Falco’s and pokemon trainer’s (12)
Ice climbers, captain falcon’s and even knights
Different characters from all walks of life (14)
United in the same body lead by the Father
So no weapon formed against us shall prosper (16)

Hook 2x

The Lord is my rock, strength and my shield
And my mind is the stage of the battlefield (2)
Waging war against sin, but I hold my peace
Cause this is about walking close with thee (4)
Since Christ lives is in me, I can do what he can do
I can win souls, catch em all, even Pikachu (6)
Two by two, like donkey kong and diddy
When you are with us, we shall have the victory (8)
Temptation, deception, and accusations
Best defense is assurance of salvation (10)
Best offense is the word, it shall stand
Against every bowser, ganondorf or master hand (12)
We do not game and watch, nor are we earthbound
Soaring higher than Kirby or the speed of sound (14)
A true believer, real as they come
Improving everyday, representing the Kingdom (16)

Fighting for the Kingdom
Fighting for the king, fighting for the kingdom
( Hook 2x)
Track Name: I Am
I don’t know where I’m going from here
But I’m thankful that I lived to see another year (2)
Cause not many people have made it this far
And I plan to go as high as I can, raise the bar (4)
I’m elevating, and I’m on the attack
Cutting everything off that keeps holding me back (6)
Going in and out of seasons, from city to city
Showing love to many artists and the people who dig me(8)
I dig you, you can call me dig dug
Pumping out the hits till they all blow up (10)
Make my way thru the underground, leaving a trail
Digging deep thru the dirt, waiting to exhale (12)
Act a fool at a family picnic
Pissing off the haters and the hip hop critics (14)
I can’t be who you want me to be
Cause I am what I am, an unlikely emcee (16)

( I am) Free to live the life I choose
(I am) An offer that you can’t refuse
(I am) Not afraid to praise my Lord
(I am) being renewed and being restored

Whether you love God or not
I will give you the love and respect I got (2)
Talk to you as an equal, and be true
I don’t care about religion, I care about you (4)
There’s way too much hate in this day and age
And I wanna be the ones who can make the change (6)
For the better and not the worst
Speak life in your life and reverse the curse (8)
No matter how hard the pressure gets
I won’t dare play dirty just to get ahead (10)
Let the tongue in your mouth match the tongue in your shoes
But don’t ever tolerate the ones who like to be rude (12)
We can agree to disagree
But there should never be a reason to act immaturely (14)
We’re all human, so lets live like it
And be one body, parts all united (16)

(Chorus 2x)

There’s so many words I spoke
That remind me of other’s inspirational quotes (2)
No wonder people turn to them in times of doubt
Cause that’s when you learn what life is about (4)
I kept close a passion of the games and shows
When I was that guy no one cared to know (6)
They say if you’re the one they want to fight
Then surely you must be doing something right (8)
Why else would they want to stop you?
They wont rest until they got you (10)
So don’t let em get you, even if they
Leave you out in the cold with no place to stay (12)
Cause when you make it and you live on top
They wanna know how you managed to get what you got (14)
But they missed out cause you are the star
Believe in yourself and love who you are (16

Chorus 2x