Roots of Authenticity

by Masdamind

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This is my first officially released mixtape/ album. Took a while to make, but I made it and I'm proud of it. Its my return back on the mic after taking a 4 year hiatus. This album really dives into the beginnings of what a new born believer in Christ goes through, as well as just the over the top casual me, with all the nerdy references you can imagine. Enjoy it and spread the word. Glory to God. Amen.


released May 1, 2012

The copyrights for the beats used in this album all go to their respective owners. This album is released for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!




MasDaMind Kissimmee, Florida

My name is MasDaMind. I started out writing raps back in 2004, and been doing it ever since. i took a break after i graduated high school to focus on making mashups, which i started back in 2008. Both ventures were a learning process to this day. NOw Masdamind is on Gods team and ready to take the world by storm. Alot more is to come, so stay tuned! Amen! ... more

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Track Name: Born to Shine
BAM! Drop a heavy dose of flavor upon your Head Masdamind is in the building once Again (2)
And this time, I’m coming out swinging
Like Slim Hiller, more realer, and you know I keep they heads ringing (4)
“ Oh, he’s a swagger jacker big time
He just ripped off a famous Dr. Dre line”( Voice change deep) (6)
Man, y’all haters ain’t nothing in particular
Ya’ll need to go to church ( Hallelujer) (8)
Spitting nothing but a new concept
To most of you, its called truth (10)
Something yall refuse to use, or even reflect on with a passion
Only doing what the people want to cash in (12)
Big money checks from fat corporations
Then getting mixed up in more litigations ( 14)
Not me, I’m a pave my own route
And show these under estimators what I’m all about 16)
( Chorus: 4X I am living this life to the end
Like a star, I was born to shine, Living life to the fullest till the end of time)
You can’t stop or deny my faith
My words are hollow tip bullets to your shielded plate(2)
You run your mouth like a marathon, but you aint winning the race
You’re so foolish and you cant keep up with the pace (4)
Mysterious unlike no other,
more power than the continuum transfunctioner(6)
I bet ya’ll ain’t getting these references
You’re lost in the translation, no sentences (8)
Yo, I go hard for the home team
Represent facts not heard by the mainstream( 10)
Ears, but they don’t even care, so why bother?
Cause whenever they hear Star Wars, they say “ Luke,( 12) I am your father”, when that’s the wrong quote altogether
I guess I’m doomed to be an outcast forever (14)
But its all good, I know where I’m going when I die, and like a eagle, I’m a spread my wings and fly( 16)
( Chorus 4X)
Track Name: A Man of Truth
What’s the measure of a man? His reaction upon others
Puts his brothers and mothers under cover and then plunders (2)
Guards his heart against any opposition, and then listens
Not using his auditory senses or eye vision (4)
But his spirit to hear it and clear it right in its heart
And don’t depart from his duties, thus fulfilling his part (6)
The world would rather have u feel that men are nothing but a waste of space
Nympho-wife beating monsters that chase (8)
And degrade, with no conscience of a moral sensibility
But that negativity has no relativity (10)
Man is not meant to be judged by the mistakes
Of a million boys, noise just polluting the place (12)
Judge a man not by the standards of society
Or rumors causing tumors, spreading poison like ivy( 14)
Every man in the world is not part of the plan
Cause real men do what they want, and others do what they can, and thats sad (16)
Some men want love, some men want sex
Some have personality traits that are quite complex (2)
Some fall for every temptation that is in their path
And some men love the lord and yet fear his wrath (4)
But we’re not all the same, no matter what they say
We all make different choices, some make bad ones everyday
Although some want you to get down and get hoodwinked
A man of truth is rare, a species nearly gone extinct (8)
But we exist, we’re just hard to find
Like a diamond in the rough, but not a waste of time (10)
A man of truth is a real man, all in purity
Takes care of responsibilities with maturity (12)
You can’t send a boy to accomplish a man’s work
Cause they will never represent the value of their worth (14)
The finer things in life will never bring him pleasure
Cause his family and wife are the ones he treasures the most (16)
( Chorus)
Since a man of truth represents a real man entirely
Lets break down the bare facts for everybody (2)
A real man stands up for what he believes
And sets the goals that he knows will help him out and achieve (4)
A real man is not afraid to show that he is afraid
Or a shed a tear for the years of loneliness, so brave(6)
A real man would never put his hands on a woman
Would never lose her, abuse her, or even bother lookin’ (8)
For another, cause he is respectful and honest
Truly values simplicity cause he is so modest(10)
Considerate, and got a sense of humor
But he isn’t that predictable and is slightly peculiar( 12)
The list goes on, but we get the basics
No time to recap, just step up and face it(14)
If you match with the facts and it doesn’t offend you
Then the real man of truth is residing within you( within you) (16)
Track Name: KND
( Chorus 2X: 5,4,3,2
5,4,3,2, 5,4,3,2,1
We are the kids next door, Codename: Kids Next Door)

Numbuh Five, so fly, with the last name Lincoln cause
she tells no lies
She’s cool, with a real chill swag, got white tennis shoes, blue shirt and a red hat (2)
Numbuh four is ready to fight, shoot first think later, no teens in sight
Hand to hand combat specialist, faces evil more worse than an exorcist (4)
Numbuh 3, so girly, with an obsession over rainbow monkeys
Beats any threat with Hippy Hop, make her mad, feel her wrath, and the heat sky rockets (6)
Don’t leave out numbuh 2, cause we need a good pilot, got things to do
Gotta fight off adult tyranny, and we need witty punchlines to defeat (8)
All the ones who make life worse for kids, so lets get down to business
Hence enters leader Numbuh one, who makes sure they get it done(10)
Got more important things to end than worry bout his date crazy girlfriend
So don’t get twisted, we’re a team, and we will kindly intervene( 12)
Any threat, by our means, grown ups, adults, seniors, teens
They are our sworn enemy, and we will defend our destiny (14)
So join us now, reach our goal, either you’re in or you’re old
Got no time for desperation, Kids Next Door, Battlestations!
( Chorus 2X)

So many supervillains that hate kids are always causing pain
Some are joined in unison like the Delightful Children from down the lane (2)
Some are just excuses, like The Toilenator, what a waste
We could use a S.P.L.O.R.C.K. and blast that fool out from deep hyperspace (4)
Some villains we used to work with, like Numbuh 274
But he turned his back on us, so now we’re ready to settle the score (6)
Or like Cree who used to be with us, now she’s a teenager
No battle ready armor can protect u and you cant taste the fourth flavor (8)
Sweet like the candy stuck on Sticky Beard, but not our own
I’d rather taste Professsor XXXL’s perfect snow cone (10)
But the one villain that conquers all is none but our archnemesis
His name is Father, fire burning, subtle yet rebellious(12)
But we been through worse weather, so a handful of villains can’t shake our pride
Or envoke a loss of hope because we don’t give up the fight (14)
Standing up for the rights of kids is always what will bind us
And if u ever want your butts kicked, then you know where to find us (16)
(Chorus 2X)

Dare to explore our super amazing tree house, home of Sector V
Endless power, stocked up with our 2 by four technology (2)
S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R whoop your pretty face cause I’m that freedom fight bringer
So don’t be trying to compensate with a rubber band food flinger (4)
Props so hot our operatives are stationed all over the place
Straight from the treehouse, down in the Artic, all the way up to the Moon Base (6)
Coming out blasting, dropping skunk bombs and M.A.R.B.L.Es on all you crooks
We’re gonna take that birthday cake and leave you hangin like a hook (8)
Yo Billy, and Mandy, you cant mess with the Kids Next Door
Cause this aint no dictatorship, it’s freedom rotten to the core (10)
Assimilate all you want, you’re going down and that’s a fact
Grim and Number one is here and they’re gonna take our base back (12)
So in case you haven’t seen, we’re kids united, not apart
Even when we reach 100 years, we’ll still be kids at heart (14)
Kids forever, Kids eternal, Kids will always live on
So lets go out with a bang and fight until the day we’re gone (16)
(Chorus 2X)
Track Name: Relay for Life( featuring Ree)
I gaze with my eyes at the clouds in the sky
And truly feel what it means to be living a life (2)
Because at any given time, it could be taken away
Sun setting into darkness, bringing out a new day ( 4)
I pray hard for the warriors battling cancer
Cause the journey is unknown with no definite answers (6)
Like lightning, it will strike, with no warning or sign
And until we find a cure, there is no finish line (8)
So we keep on running, keep on moving
Motivation strong in everything we’re doing (10)
Everlasting hope and perpetual unity
Opportunity that brings together all of the community (12)
Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back
And contribute to walking on the right path (14)
Our mission: the future at hand
So lets make a difference now and progress shall stand (16)
( Chorus: Reach for the sky, challenge your might
We will not stand against the light
This is our right, This is our fight
This is our relay for life)

So why would you ignore something truly extra ordinate?
The chance of a lifetime, reach and grab hold of it (2)
Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, take a victory lap
Its not about win or lose, we’re making history facts (4)
Right now, even when the sun sets
We honor those lives lost, never having regrets (6)
Luminaria lighting up all the area
Heroes gathered in armies, busting through the barrier (8)
I care too much to let a person travel this kind of road alone
So don’t worry, just look over your shoulder (10)
I’ll be your guardian angel of love
And reflect, not neglect a ray of shine from above( 12)
So no matter what u need, I will never stray
Because my heart is too big to let your spotlight fade (14)
I will cry with you
I will laugh with you, I will dance with you( 2)
I will hold your hand when you feel afraid
And leave a smile in your heart for everlasting days (4)
I will visit you in that hospital room
All the time, and keep your head up high as the moon(6)
I will hold u, hug u, make you feel special
Cause we’re in this together, stuck on the same level(8)
I will drive u to treatments, make your own meals
Make you feel like a king cause to me, youre that real (10)
I will pray for you and keep cheering u on
While youre here with me and even after you’re gone (12)
BeCause I love u, and even though the odds are against us
We got greater numbers, so nothing can prevent us ( 14)
I love you forever, my eternal friend
And I will relay for you until the very end (16)
(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Lost Inside
Its not easy being born again, and living a new
Life with Christ like most non Christians would probably assume (2)
Yea we’re supposed to be joyful, but we suffer too
We’re just everyday people, both me and you (4)
The same folks you’re sittin next to you when you’re riding the bus
The same folks you talk about behind their backs and cuss (6)
Out, just because you let your flesh bombard your thinking
Many demons on the Offense got my faith boat sinking (8)
I sit alone in empty silence, lonely and broken
Shedding tears for all the souls who’ve had their innocence stolen (10)
Trying to reach out to people, those that haven’t been saved
But even when I walk in love, they still turn me away (12)
How could anyone dare reject a helping hand
Just because we don’t tell what you want to demand (14)
To hear, and still I praise God in my heart
But this fallen world is cold and still rips me apart and
( Chorus: I’m crying, dying, feel so alone
Having nowhere else to go
Been through so much, hurt my pride
Spirit crushed, lost deep inside)

I trust God, but the pain is still there
This black cloud covering all of my thoughts with despair (2)
Raising questions and concerns that make me doubt myself
Satan’s whispers crawling up and down my mental realm (4)
Why would anyone reject the gift of salvation?
Why would anyone challenge the lord of all creation? (6)
Why are churches small in fellowship but large in size?
Why do people show up just to sit and hide? (8)
Why do people preach thoughts instead of actual scripture?
Crticizing the bible as just a form of literature (10)
Claim that they’re true Christians, but their actions aint
Contradicting their beliefs of living life as a saint (12)
I feel trapped in this bottle of protected pain
Because I’ve had to bite my tongue so many times in disdain (14)
But I gotta be strong, and keep the faith in Jesus
Though my sadness has broken my heart into pieces (16)
I gain hope in Matthew 5:4
It says clearly “ Blessed are those who mourn (2)
For they will comforted”, and this I see
That the lord will always stand as my refugee (4)
I realize I’m responsible for my own thoughts
And can’t be blamed for the things that all the others lost (6)
Everyone will not inherit all of Heaven’s wealth
Cause they only care about things for themselves (8)
Unrighteousness, Pure selfishness
Rebellious, Uncleanliness (10)
Tormenting all the followers and mocking our joy
And then running back to us just to fill the void (12)
Left deep inside your cold hearted empty flesh
Well let me give you some of that ole Jesus treatment (14)
Pure Justice like said in Matthew 7:23
“I never knew you, depart from me” (16)
Track Name: I Need A Doctor
I’m about to lose my mind
You’ve been gone for so long
I’m running out of time
I need a doctor, Call me a doctor
I need a doctor, doctor, to bring me back to life)

This new life that I breathe in makes me reminisce of past years gone
Thinking about the time before the I had the Lord in every bone 2
I was so alone, relying only on my self-esteem
And that was weak, a lone leader working on without a team 4
Striving for the best, relying on my inner conscience
To tell me what was right from wrong, and stay away from nonsense6
It worked, but not forever, then the dents inside my road formed
Messing with temptation, my impatience made my head explode 8
I didn’t go all crazy, but I made mistakes that I regret
In time I forgave myself, but I know that I can’t forget 10
All the things I said and done, thoughts keep running through my head
Makes me feel I don’t deserve the things I have, no respect 12
Then one day I finally chose the path where I was gonna stay
Put my sinful ways behind me and seek more a brighter day
Proud to have his mighty Spirit growing deep inside me
Cause he is my eternal doctor, and I need a checkup now cause

With your stethoscope you checked my heart and made sure it was doing great
Even when I never showed up regularly to set it straight2
Only turning to you when I wanted something that could wait
Never stopping by just to show how much I appreciate4
The fact that u have kept me here when I could have died that day
When my car flipped over I thought demons now controlled my fate 6
But u had your eyes on me and never kept me very far
That is why Im standing her to tell u who u r 8
It was you who believed in me when everyone had put me down
Called me names, spit on me, and kicked my hope into the ground 10
U were always there for me, Saved me from my inner doom
Nobody wanted to mess with a nerdy weirdo, crying in my room 12
U have gave your life for me, and so I give u back mine
Cause I know I don’t have to be afraid with youq here by my side
I aint givin up faith, and u aint givin up on me 14
Get up J, im dying, I need u, come back for heavens sake cause 16
(Chorus: I'm about to lose my mind, you've been gone for so long
I'm running out of time, I need a doctor, call me a doctor
I need a doctor, doctor
to bring me back to life, bring me back to life, bring me back to life
(I need a doctor, doctor to bring me back to life)

I feel like I woke up from a very bad dream
I Got a new outlook on the life I lead 2
I wake up, feeling so good, livin, breathin, mighty joy
Speaking words so full of life that nobody can self destroy 4
Self destruct, or abduct, neglect or reject my thoughts
Feelings mutual, bond like Christ in puzzles, filling up the spots 6
This one goes out to you cause u died for all my sins
Forget the liars, haters, nay sayers cause all I need is HIM 8
Heartless Backstabbers, when I fell down, U just laughed at me
Now u finally saw what u had missed and now you’re back at me 10
Trying to compensate for the mistakes that you have made
Might forgive u, but I’m leaving u outside of this parade12
Cause its our celebration over darkness and depravity( dee prav it tee)
And you’re still in the shadows, causing plague like a cavity
I can guarantee u when I’m done and bout to leave
They’ll be begging for a chance to succeed, saying please cause
Track Name: Interlude( Skit)
It’s the Interlude, so kick back and relax
Take a bathroom break, grab a bag of chips and a six pack (2)
Get up and stretch, give your children a hug
And tell the pets to get off the couch and onto the rug (4)
Check the oven, the cookies might be burnt by now
And that snow in the driveway is not going to plow (6)
Itself, Call your friend and then vent to them
About how the same person made u mad again (8)
Or go yell at your ignorant spoiled drone
31 year old son who still lives at home (10)
Maybe order online a T-shirt or a pizza
Or grab 5 bucks and go to Little Ceasers (12)
Tell your neighbors to turn off that despicable music
Cause you cant hear yourself think, aint they stupid (14)
Grab them notes that u took and study for your finals
You cant graduate by just living in denial (16)
Maybe reorganize your clothing closet
Or make your bed and finally turn off the faucet (18)
That thing has the bills running high each month
And could you please turn the TV off just for once? (20)
Take a walk outside, it’s a bright new day
You will get that job, just relax and pray (22)
God always will provide, so enjoy the life
Cause you might not make it to the end of the night (24)
So get back into focus and in go-go mode
Stop daydreaming now and let’s get on with the show (26)
Track Name: Anthems of Living
Rock and roll fever, its time to get even
Train like Rocky, body bobbing and weaving (2)
Sippin on Adam’s Ale with a slice of Little Caesers
“ Don’t Say You Love Me” bumping out the speaker (4)
Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator
To the head of a hater (6)
Terminate and Exterminate all the prejudice
Escaped from the place I was trapped like Exodus (8)
Slaved to the sin, now master of Freedom
Grace pouring in from the Father’s Kingdom (10)
Rollin up with a series 4 deatomizer
Noisy cricket, reverberating carbonizer ( 12)
Yo, Its tail time!
Got the Media Dimension on standby (14)
“ Noone can defeat the Tiki Brothers”
Blue fireball blast on their masking covers” (16)
You’re killing me smalls, hop the fence
Like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez (18)
Or like Babe Ruth, The great Bambino
Titan of Terror, only legend that we know (20)
Bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon
With the sailors that sing their wailing tune (22)
Silence is golden
Many are called but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14) (24)
( Chorus 2X: Go! Fight! Win! Live!
Love Life Pray Forgive
Stand Tall, Don’t Fall
Lord have mercy on us all)

Don’t cut me off like Lorena (Lo-reyna) Bobbitt
Got more fun features than a regular Bop-It! (2)
Extreme, stepping on the scene, loud and proud
Got a shadow and a chance like in Homeward Bound (4)
1.21 Gigawatt Flow
Got Mr. Bean in a can to Go (6)
Yo, I’m not Not being lazy
But No TV and No Beer Make Homer go Crazy (8)
So don’t play with me
We can go to war like the Mobile Infantry (10)
When its over, there will be nothing left
After my Tahitian Skeleton pull of Death (12)
YES! Victory is mine
All fools get cast into the Bermuda Triangle (14)
For all time in the Twilight Zone
Major Payne in effect, buh buh bad to the bone (16)
“ Everything else is just a toy”
That’s why I always have fun, heart filled with joy (18)
Many eyes just stare and label me as such
Claimin that I’m a weirdo that deserves to get punched (20)
Stomped on, and never get a date
But that’s jealousy and envy that comes with hate (22)
And still I go day by day
And when times get tough, I always say (24)(Chorus 2X)
Track Name: Love and God In Me( featuring Ree & Jeff Blaze)
( Chorus: So what we praise God, The Bible we read
We’re just having fun, we don’t care who sees
So what we go out, that’s how its supposed to be
Filled With Love and God in Me)

Yo, take me back to ’91, only son that my mother had
Dad was there, but was always on the move, so sad (2)
Time passed, things didn’t work out, but
Life goes on, never kept my big mouth shut (4)
Getting lost in the drawings and video games
Cartoons on the tube, dream fortune and fame(6)
Bowl of cereal, Barbecues out in the yard
Salsa and Merengue is our calling card (8)
E-N-DO Super to me (10)
No stranger to danger or the power rangers
Stretching out the neck of my tshirt on the hangers s(12)
But I must say, somehow in the sinning
God was always there from the very beginning (14)
And even though I had to grow up to see that
I knew in my heart that he’s always had my back
All the times back in school, they was like no other
Everybody that was cool had a gameboy color (2)
Gamelink, trading pokemon, and jamming songs
And if u ever called a battle, we all knew it was on (4)
Hanging out like brothers, just having a great time
Not even caring what’s heard through the grapevine (6)
Nowadays things just got much worse
Kids living on the next generational curse (8)
Bumping and grinding at the age of three
And Just cussing out the mouth, no desire to read (10)
Or write, looking up to the celebrities
Ignoring all the forewarnings that their parents plead (12)
Thank God there were some who had risen above
And didn’t want to fit in to society clubs (14)
Hands in the air for the true believers
And cheers to the victory of new receivers (16)
Fast forward to the present, such a desolate wasteland
Where Satan rules the world with a thousand one year plan (2)
But Jesus will return, so no need to fret
And he will put em in his place with no need to check (4)
You only got one life, so don’t make it worthless
Go fulfill the true meaning of your created purpose (6)
Bring light to the dark and love to the hate
And leave the rest up to God, who is here to stay (8)
( Chorus)
Track Name: Have I Told You
Love, we’ve made it through and through
The day I gave you that ring and then said I do (2)
The one moment where I sacrificed my life for us
So we can form a unity and build a bond of trust (4)
We’ve been through ups and downs and twists and turns
But I still remained faithful to your every concern (6)
Theres been times when I made you so mad at me
That you would cuss me out and kick me out into the street (8)
Theres been times when I let you down and made mistakes
And I prayed to make it up to you, whatever it takes (10)
But u accepted me, confessed to me, and met my need
And forgave me for the fool I was to break our peace (12)
I cry cause I’ve never had a love transcend
I keep falling in love with you all over again (14)
You’ve have made me so happy with your heart so true
And yet I wonder if lately have I told you (16)

Love, you showed it every step
Of the way, from the day I took my very first breath (2)
You have blessed me with a name and took care of me
Even went further than most folks would dare to reach (4)
You’ve been a true friend, so hard to find these days
And lift me up when I was down in the dumps of pain (6)
We spent so much time together, both
As a family and friends you have given me hope (8)
Taught me discipline, kept me on my feet and toes
I used to think you were some kind of mighty superhero (10)
You showed me to love and respect my neighbors
And expect nothing back after doing favors (12)
The world tried to turn me against your teachings
I endured all the pain, heartaches and beatings (14)
But I remained loyal cause we had it made
And yet I wonder have I told you lately? (16)

Love, you were conceived in it
Even before you were born, I knew that I could feel it (2)
You gave me the highest reason to move on
The best feeling in the world is you here in my arms (4)
You’re a blessing, I hug and kiss you all the time
And even whooped your little butt when u act out of line (6)
But it was done in love, so don’t forget that fact
Cause I didn’t raise you to behave like that (8)
Both me and your mom kept u under our wings
Teaching you about God and the wordly things (10)
So you would know how to handle it on your own
When you’re all grown up and move away from home (12)
We will always be here whenever you need help
Do everything that we can to ensure your health
God will always love you, and so will we
And yet I wonder have we told you lately?
Track Name: God Gave Me Style( ft. 50 Cent)
( 50 Cent Chorus)
You can tell me what u want, about my music
But I’ve been blessed with a gift and that’s why I’ll use it (2)
Never dreamed in my life I’d write rhymes for the lord
Salvation for a helmet, Spirit for a sword ( reference to Ephesians 6:17) (4)
Its so easy to dismiss me cause I don’t sell out
And fit into the mainstream scene or crowd (6)
Why would people pay to hear hate and lies decreed
Instead of hearing people speak the truth for free (8)
Like me, I’m just saying, but its not my choice
You can call me public enemy cause I bring the noise (10)
But this is my message, and it wont take long
The lord is my strength and he is my song (12)

Sometimes I stare at the sky, and thoughts just roam
Breathing in every breath, thanking God for home (2)
Thanking God for the food on my plate and the clothes
On my back, and not attacking all my haters and foes (4)
Its hard to tell who in this world really loves you God
But Jesus lives within me, Two peas in a pod (6)
I say a prayer for those listening to me speak
And I encourage you to praise even while you’re weak (8)
Life is hard and doesn’t get any easier from here
Especially with the Lord in your life so clear (10)
But even though the road is narrow and is quite the mile
I’m so joyful because God gave me style (12)
( Chorus)
Track Name: Too Many Pastors
Mic Check, Mic check,
( Chorus: 1, 2 3, Too many pastors and there’s still not enough that lead
It goes 3, 2, 1, Masdamind up in the building, that’s how I get done like
Ladies and gents attention, God’s in the House
With Jesus boy, we can turn it out
Perpetrators we can point em out
So if u got something on your mind, let it out)

Yo, I’ve given him praise since I day I was born
Again, Still will be praisin even after I’m gone
Been blessed I know, but my faith still grows
The spirit keeps going and though Christ I flow
Going and going like my name is Energizer
Anti flesh phrases, call me pulverizer
Satan aint right, and yet u applaud
And then u sin, and sin is separation from God

And so I’m back with the scripture to rip you apart
And show you that God’s word is to be taken to heart
I’m not holier than thou, but u treat your position
Of power with such ignorance, you wont even listen
You’re supposed to have God’s agenda, not yours
And yet u act like u do and stay the course
Let me bring it just a lil closer
Pastors listen up, this is your makeover

You are not gonna hear me next week
Our hunger is strong but your choices are weak
I’m no pastor, but compared to you, you’re like an actor
Stick to the scripture and not outside factors
A little God you’re not, Holy Ghost, oh no
You got no motivation in it, hypocrite
Get right with the gospel
Otherwise your time is wasted and power becomes hostile

How many pastors must there be
Before we get one that will actually lead
Take charge of the church and community
And represent the whole of the Trinity
Responsibility that is not taken lightly
Listen to the spirit of god that’s inside of thee
That’s your calling, the ultimate treasure
For we are the sheep and you are the shepherd

Is the type of message that you want to send?
That you’re a greedy fake leader that likes to pretend?
I don’t think so, you need to take care of the flock
Because the lord is not an image that is meant to be mocked
Too many pastors to shake my head at
I ought to charge a tax on every fake pastor
I had to listen to, cause we came here to praise, not spread gossip
Forget all the politics, this is fellowship

To all you fake pastors, and preachers
And word of faith teachers, with no features
I, rebuke you, in the name of Jesus
Cause I look at your heart and not your outside appearance
God wont bless you for doing work in his name
Or using it as a profit to gain
“ All these blessings will come on you and accompany you
if you obey the Lord your God” ( Deuteronomy 28:2)

Let it soak in, I know it stings
But some of yall get so caught up in the wordly things
Spending our offerings on shopping safaris
You Cant take it with u to hell, sorry
What purpose is your ultimate goal
To gain the whole world and in the end lose your soul
Take off the sheep clothing and expose your flesh
let the spirit takeover, put your faith to the test

Mighty, the glory of God is
Stop with the ego when you get applauses
The car and the suit don’t grant u favor
In the eyes of the Father or make you Savior
Study real hard so you know what to teach us
And show the whole world why we really need Jesus
Speak with the breath of life times ten
For the Holy Spirit, Amen
Track Name: Over the Edge
I’m so sick of this hypocrisy, snobbery, and the robbery
Occurring in this body of Christ, oh how it bothers me (2)
Folks making mockery out of the God we serve
And then complaining that they don’t end up getting what they deserve (4)
Fake smiles, backstabbers, talking gossip
And greedy cause you’d rather withdraw and not deposit (6)
Church hopping, just to find the best around
And then condemning and kicking everyone while we’re still down (8)
Letting rumors float, burning bridges at all cost
Catering to the saved but not helping the lost (10)
When was the last time u welcomed a sinner into the sanctuary?
Gay people, murderers or folks unordinary ( 12)
Showin up to condescend and cause aggravation
And look good, tryin to boost up your reputation (14)
You disgrace the name of the Master that you claim
Cause God is not a ticket to fortune and fame (16)
( Chorus 2X: I’m over the edge, push way past the limit
No longer will I shut my mouth and stay prohibited
You can hate my every word and then get angry
But im not against the church, the church is against me)

Yo, What kind of world do we live in
Where we only see but not hear all the little children? (2)
We should lift em up, encourage them, to do much better
Cause they know more about the Bible than all yall put together (4)
And don’t get me started on you ignorant sores
Who only feel like coming here is not a joy but a chore (6)
If you don’t wanna be here, then stay home and sleep
And quit showing up late, you uncompassionate sheep (8)
I might as well call you Satan cause when you’re right there
I reach out to you for help, but you don’t even care (10)
You should focus on God when you show up Sunday
And stop going to the clubs as soon as you reach Monday (12)
Are you here for God or are you here for you?
Don’t make excuses that you cant find a church to go to (14)
This is for everyone including the pastors
You cannot serve Two Masters (16)
(Chorus 2X)

Who in the hell do you think are?
Judging me by my status or the make of my car (2)
I think you better look twice before u miss the blessing
Cause your age doesn’t mean you got the keys to heaven (4)
And just because u can quote verses and praise
And sing along in the church, where you’re born and raised (6)
Doesn’t mean you know nothing about Jesus Christ
You disgust me, putting loyalty in blind eyes (8)
The church needs an exorcism, floor to ceiling
Cause the church means nothing if its just a building (10)
The real church is our fellowship right here
And our lack of Christ love is what brings me to tears (12)
We got many different churches that wont unite
And yet they claim that they serve the same God in spite (14)
Resurrect the church and give it life and breath
Otherwise you’re telling God that you gladly accept death (16)
(Chorus 2X)
Track Name: God VS Satan
The war between Heaven and Hell wages on. The Earth has become nothing more than a breeding ground for souls to redeem into fighting this ongoing contest for ultimate supremacy. Each side faces the other to determine the fate of the universe for all Eternity. And thus it begins…

I am the ruler of this world, so bow to your master
Satan is the name, and your death will come faster (2)
You call yourself Creator? Just be glad you’re breathing
Letting me as the serpent in the garden of Eden (4)
I will show you that you’re foolish in every way
Giving humans the free will to not obey (6)
Allowing pain and suffering that you cant fix
I can destroy more in days than u created in six (8)
You say that you are love, yet as I recall
Drunk with Blood more were killed by your hand overall (10)
Its sad that as the enemy, I know way more
About the bible than your followers would care to explore (12)
I offer fame and fortune, all your offers are weak
Promises that nearly take an eternity to keep (14)
Your love for mankind will be your demise
And I will gladly take pleasure in watching you die (16)
( 8 bar rest)

Your words have no power, just grain in the sand
I already knew about this battle before it even began
So its obvious which one of us is on the losing team
The only fools are those who follow all your lies and deceit
I know your every move devil, for you are my creation
A fallen angel from the highest of my holy nations (6)
I’m perfect, all knowing, all powerful and mighty
You give false hope to malicious mortals who spite me (8)
Only I can grant mercy and forgiveness and grace
You have no ultimate authority over any place (10)
You only work within the boundaries that I have set
The only thing that’s eternal about you is your torment (12)
You rule over a fortress of false philosophies
The author of sin and all the world’s idolatries (14)
Your betrayal is something I will never Forgive
So look away cause none shall see my face and live (16)
( 8 bar rest)

As the war rages on, this fight slowly reaches its conclusion. Each side takes a moment and summons all of its energy and power into the final shot, which will ultimately decide who will be the one to dominate the universe for the rest of eternity.

( satan) You are the biggest failure that has ever existed
Especially since all your rules can be easily resisted (2)
I give people what they want, when they want and how
Can you declare yourself a Master when your servants don’t bow? (4)
I laugh, You lost The earth, adam and eve and angels
Your mistakes fuel my army to attack at both angles (6)
We shall burn down the kingdom and your body stoned
And shall I take my rightful place upon the throne (8)
Get thee behind me satan, for you are last in line
Cause only I can be in more than one place at a time (2)
Your whole life was written since the day you were created
So what makes u think your acts can go unanticipated? (4)
You fell because of pride, cause u dared to compete
Against my word while barking on a very short leash (6)
You will flee from my name wherever you hear it
In the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit (8) Amen

“ The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you."
Romans 16:20”
Track Name: The Final Judgement
The day has finally come, no where to run, nowhere to go
Its time to face The mighty God upon the Great White Throne (2)
Your death is just the start of final judgment and more
All your works and all your sins will be accounted for (4)
You can argue all you want, make excuses and plead
And try to cover up your evil by proclaiming good deeds (6)
God is righteous and can never be swayed or dealed
Justice served on a platter cause your fate is sealed (8)
I’m not trying to scare you folks, but this is very serious
This is your eternity, I’m not being delirious (10)
Heaven and Hell are both truthfully
And the choices that you make reflect where u will be (12)
Time is running out now, so you must decide
To accept eternal torment or eternal life (14)
Only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ
So don’t play around: You know the price (16)
( Chorus 2X: The Final Judgment, The place of Justice
The End of the Line for the lies you trusted
You either sing with the Holy Choir
Or spend eternity in the Lake of Fire)
This is your wake up call
It’ s Time to look inside the mirror and review you overall (2)
Because sooner or later, God will do it for you
And unless you have Christ he will not adore you (4)
There’s a lot of misconception floating around the earth
About death and the afterlife, even in church (6)
So While I don’t have all the answers in a definite flow
I will shine some light on darkness based on facts I know (8)
All believers go to be with Christ in Heaven after judgment
Where they will be rewarded based on deeds in abundance (10)
Nonbelievers get sent to Hell immediately
Where the torments and the nightmares are engaged repeatedly (12)
Then the second judgment comes and then the second death
They are thrown into the lake of fire, nothing left (14)
So unless the Book of Life has your name in place
You will suffer God’s wrath and be fallen from grace (16)
(Chorus 2X)
Once saved, always saved
Never ever has a person done an act so brave (2)
How many people do u know would give their life for an enemy?
So u can be with God and be set free? (4)
Its sad that as society, we put degrees
On all different forms of sin, just to be at ease (6)
With our ourselves, shadowing any sense of a guilt
Livin lives with the lies that the enemy built (8)
(Matthew 16:23) “Get behind me Satan, You’re a stumbling block
to me, You do not have in mind the things of God (10)
but the things of men”, end quote for quote
It was Not said by me, but by the words he spoke (12)
The enemy is knocking, will you open the gate?
And let corruption and deceit go control your fate? (14)
Well if that’s your choice, then may the lord have mercy
Cause I choose to serve God and not have him serve me (16)
(Chorus 2x)