by MasDaMind

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This is my first debut release that circulated around the community and the world back in 2011. I never uploaded it until now. Guess it was about time. This was around the time I came back after taking a 4 year hiatus, so this is my GRAND RETURN so to speak. My beginnings from when i first started or whatever. Look, its just my first release ok? lol. Please enjoy.


released October 25, 2011

All the beats that were used in the making of this album go to their respective owners. This album is created for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.




MasDaMind Kissimmee, Florida

My name is MasDaMind. I started out writing raps back in 2004, and been doing it ever since. i took a break after i graduated high school to focus on making mashups, which i started back in 2008. Both ventures were a learning process to this day. NOw Masdamind is on Gods team and ready to take the world by storm. Alot more is to come, so stay tuned! Amen! ... more

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Track Name: Under the Spotlight
MasDaMind in the building, raise your hands to the ceiling, and let’s celebrate everything that made me what I am
Experimental raps far out like a holorgram
Rolling in the deep like my name was Adele, but I don’t own a Dell
I own a Macintosh, here’s a toast to victory with a glass of scotch
Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke, hoi hoi hoi, with a boy toy to satisfy all mature women
The ultimate fantasy that everyone envisions
“ What can I say? I’m a blast from the past”
Call me retroactive, interactive, imprisoned to the flow like my rhymes was captive
I don’t believe in fate or believe in luck
I believe in the power of the sound of your voice, what you do with it is your own choice
I live in the moment, no time to waste, I’m at the pace of a sprinter
Sporadic as a Splinter Cell with stealth, trying to fight for my health
The feeling that I get when I step on stage is amazing
I grab the mic, face the people, and ride till I die like Evel Knievel
Say what you say, I do what I do, can’t murder my thoughts, John Wilkes Booth
I rap off the mind all day, every day
( Chorus 2x
Rockin the show under the spotlight
I’m a set this party on fire tonight
Time to show under estimators who I be
Count em off like 1,2,3)
Music is my paint, my mouth is the tool brush
Shedding lights on like the grill of a school bus, flow is the bristles and my rhyme is the whistle
That I use to blow up the spot, but I ain’t no referee
This energy surges within me, ecstatic as ever before, hit the floor
Got a love for the 90s pumping through my veins
A soul train to break through walls of prejudice, and make the world groove through melodic messages
Ya’ll can’t fathom the intensity of what it feels like
To stand here, speaking my mind, when I know deep down, ya’ll aint feelin my rhymes
Actin’ like mobs with pitchforks, threatening me
As if I’m some sort of Frankenstein, well I’ll rock your horror picture show time
Chillin in the future with a throwback mindset
Call me John Spartan cause I don’t know well, trying to figure out how to use the three sea shells
I eat hip hop, and when it’s time to use the restroom
I use two seashells to pull out the useless, and use the third one to clean up any excuses
I represent realness, true to myself
So I think that’s why I like doing shows because real hip hop aint on the radio
( Chorus 2X)
Track Name: Power of the Star
Have you ever took a glimpse out your window frame
and wished life as you know it wouldnt be the same?
You see the stars shining bright right over the clouds
and think, Man I could really use a wish right now
With just a flash of light, youre no longer in reality
Dreams are the things that propel your mentality
With wings on your cap, you can soar through the heavens
Boundless and free without any dependence
Even though you glide and you have the power to hover
You still ponder if there's ones that you havent yet discovered
Theres one rare item that will u get far
And flash colors all around you, thats the power of the star
( Chorus 2X:
The Power of the Star, Invincibility
Wont last forever, but i feel like infinity
I Put my cap on so i can fly
Above the clouds and Touch the sky)

I finally have chosen my greatest form
And I'm ready to attack, so u best be warned
I plow through my haters like a runaway train
And smash questions on the block so no mysteries remain
This power wont protect me against every threat
So i make moves carefully like a game of chess
These flashing lights follow me like Paparazzi
So i feel like im famous, nobody can stop me
Even though I feel like a God walking the Earth
There's still thoughts in my head that make me question its worth
Why do 8 people have to die for me to get a new life?
Thats like trying to wash blood off of a knife
Trying to be born again, revenge hidden from light
Trying to get away with murder, and that aint right
Cause if i killed 8 people, thats the end of the tale
I'd spend 25 to life in a jail cell
But this aint the real world, so it doesnt matter
This is Star Power baby, servin haters on a platter
( Chorus 2X)
My power's running out but i still got rhyme
So let's repeat the chorus just one more time
(Chorus 2X)
Let that ride out!
Track Name: 90's: Born and Raised
Talk to me, do I think I am better off alone?
Well like Sweet Home Alabama, Mama im coming home
I’m ridin solo till the day I find my soulmate
I wont stress it, don’t regret it, cause good things come to those who wait
So, bring it back, one time for your minds, and watch me blast like ROBOTRON
Gotta paint with all the colors of the wind like my name was Pocohan-
Tis, dismissed, but I aint no chick, Gotta peel off like banana splits
You can call me a nerd or freak, but I get paid every single week
I’m like Batman with a phone, I don’t need no sidekick
Cause betrayal beats my heart harder than a nightstick
I’m just leanin with my blessings, trying to keep my fingers crossed
Cause the unknown road to destiny might be seem impo-
Ssible, Dribble, FibbleNugget, Wealthy man like Warren Buffet
Got more worth of truth than the Blair Witch Project’s movie budget
I know in these times everything might seem crazy
But I sure am proud to call myself a 90s baby
( 4 bar rest)
D.A.R.E. programs, say no to drugs, violence, and strangers
Beatin putties with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Viewer Beware, You’re in for a Scare
Your mama was so scared, she made you move with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air
Game Boy Color, Pokemon cards, tryin to get all them holographics
Playstation light gun controller, preset on automatic
Captain Planet, Go Go Gadget, Ride on the Magic School Bus
Bill Nye the Science Guy, Road Runner leaves storms of dust
Mighty Ducks, quack quack, its knuckle puck time
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, origin story so divine
Sugar, spice, and everything nice
Add Chemical X to get the best fighting girl squad that the city of Townsville can suffice
Time goes by, things will change, but the roots will always stay the same
That is why, till the day I die, I rep the 90s 4 Life!!!!
( 4 bar rest)
I don’t know why some of ya’ll are afraid to embrace your inner child
Puttin us down because we’re real and now youre with it cause its in style
Stick to the things that you know best and leave us with the things we love
Cause like Michael Jackson said, we wont stop till we get enough
What we got is real talent, no need for Autotune
I rejoice with my voice, fight darkness with the moon
Pump the jam, pump it up and let your body rock
Intergalactic planetary, call me Ghostface, so scary
Aint much more stuff left to say about the past
Feels just like yesterday, so I’m gonna make it last
I live and breath it here, in my heart is where it’ll stay
I cant forget where I’m from, 90s: Born and Raised!
Track Name: Armageddon
It’s the end of the world, the final hour has dawned
No hope for the future, death has been spawned
So sad for the many who refused to be saved
Eternity in the fire is the price to be paid
Domination of darkness, destroying your worth
Souls born into sin when they enter the earth
Symphonies of destruction, corrupting your ears
Drops falling from the sky, made of Heaven’s tears
Crying hearts begging God for a second chance
But no sand is at the top of the hourglass
You will cease to exist, based on your own choice
You have pledged your allegiance to the sinister voice
Though we live on a planet full of heartless hatred
I still love the things that my mind holds sacred
So I clutch on to destiny, empowered by faith
Till I die and arrive at the Golden Gates
Armageddon is upon us
So we fight with all our power
Defending Eternal Life
Until we reach the final hour
Life is a struggle that we face as Christians
Mind,body, soul, demons on a mission
To tempt us, resent our faith and glory
Trying to shape out a different ending to our story
An ongoing battle on a daily basis
With a carnal mind, trying to turn me faithless
But I give my life to the Lord Almighty
Walking in faith with his spirit beside me
Its not easy, trying to keep a one way route
When the devil keeps on filling us with fear and doubt
Got plans to destroy our confidence and grace
Eliminate our righteousness and trap us in the wrong place
Not giving in is such a challenge to tame
Cause society is pushing sin down on our brain
But u gotta move forward cause u cant rewind
And trust Christ unless u wanna get left behind
How dare u be ashamed to give praise to God
Church fillin’ up with hypocrites, preachin’ a fraud
No wonder crowds lean towards the Antichrist
Trade their souls for some riches at a fancy price
Revelations says Satan will prepare for war
Lead his followers to gather as an army of gore
Sole bent on destroying the Kingdom of Heaven
Using Earth as a battleground to face our brethren
I die each day so that Christ may live
Through me, truly, my soul to give
Unto him, only means of my salvation
Shut the mouth of evil that commands the nations
I wont trust Satan, he will lose the fight
All demons cast away from the sea of light
And the earth shall be made new and victorious
Praise be the lord, name high and glorious