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Wow! This is my long awaited second full length mixtape/album. This release ventures even further than the previous one. Its quite experimental, but very true to my personality and above all, my relationship with God. I have finally begun to come to a place where I am comfortable with who I am , which is something I struggled with for a long time. So you bet u r in for a quite a ride! So join in and grow with the movement! Enjoy! Thanks to all the people who helped make this vision a reality!


released March 24, 2013

This album was created in love for all those who r willing to listen. All beats that were used to create this release are credited properly to their respective producers. For NON-PROFIT use only!




MasDaMind Kissimmee, Florida

My name is MasDaMind. I started out writing raps back in 2004, and been doing it ever since. i took a break after i graduated high school to focus on making mashups, which i started back in 2008. Both ventures were a learning process to this day. NOw Masdamind is on Gods team and ready to take the world by storm. Alot more is to come, so stay tuned! Amen! ... more

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Track Name: Get Back Up( ft. Anna)
I’ve been hit hard with hammers, Blood shed with the nail
I never felt what it was like to try to make it and fail (2)
Cause all my life I had succeeded, one thing to the next
And then I woke up from the dream and felt pain in my chest (4)
The pain called life, one I never endured
Cause I was diagnosed with lies, never seeking a cure (6)
Mindset solely run off multiple choice
Instead of using problem solving or training my voice(8)
Criticism is the hammer, and the nails are peers
Pressure taking up my breathing room, drowning in tears (10)
Seeking all the wrong things, so blind to see
That the world will never like my personality(12)
It rejects me, cause I reject all of its ways
I moved out of sin city to the city of praise (14)
Quench my thirst in the living waters, filling my cup
So I gotta stand strong and get right back up so, (16)
You ever felt your whole world was just crumbling down?
Like you failed in your position, forced to forfeit the crown?(2)
Thinking everything is fine, straight denial in range
Intimidated by the mirror and the seasons of change(4)
Want to take but not give, want to reap not sow
Only comfortable within your own zone that u know(6)
Truth yelling in your ear, yet your deaf to the sound
Seduced by your own ego and its gentle growl (8)
It took the tough love of some eternal friends
To show me accountability and armor my defense (10)
Against the dark forces, all you need is love
But all we do is get drunk and get high on drugs (12)
Temporary smoke screens just to cover the pain
The only pill you need to swallow is the one called faith (14)
And the joy in my heart that still gets me to strive
Is to know that I am dead and that He is alive in me(16)
I tend to backslide, but Im only a mortal
Both Life and death roams in my mouth, the portal (2)
That I use to speak things into the atmosphere
I was given a Spirit so that I wouldn’t have fear (4)
I haven’t reached the goal, but im still improving
I hit a few walls, but I keep on moving (6)
Cant let the darts leave me on the ground to rot
I’ve got to sacrifice to God everything I got (8)
I know what I gotta do, just gotta put it in work
Instead of letting criticism justify my worth (10)
Got to get back the passion in the words I speak
Amplify all of my strengths and embrace the weak(12)
Quit listening to Satan, he has already lost
The biggest liar in the world because Gods the boss(14)
Claim victory and power cause its mine to use
And with the Lord in my heart, I will never lose the fight (16)
Track Name: Called to Duty
Called to duty, but this aint about a holy war
Blood and gore, things that u will never ever know me for (2)
Weapons from a whole other kind of manufacturer
Tearing down the strongholds of sinister reactors (4)
Zombies on the march, armed only with the armor
Of God, gotta rain bombs down on their Pearl Harbor (6)
Called to witness, by the Great Commission
Spread the truth to the world that’s diminishing (8)
Zombies everywhere, salvation is a must
Soul caged in the body that’s headed for the dust (10)
Craving brain but not eating up the knowledge
That will free em from their curse and release em from their bondage (12)
This is not Elm Street, this is a nightmare
Shots in the air, flames from the gunfire flare (14)
Our mission: save the people
Or we shall be living like Resident evil (16)
(Chorus 2x: Zombies on the left (what), zombies on the right(what)
Take your daily cross up and get ready to fight
Winning souls for the lord will move me
I’m all geared up cause Im Called to Duty)
Left for dead inside a lion’s den
The zombies wanna corner me and box me in (2)
Wanna crucify me like they did to Jesus
But he is not a zombie cause hes not in pieces (4)
He sits at the right hand of the Father
So why save souls? Why even bother? (6)
Because the world needs to know that god exists
And zombies are the number one target on my hitlist (8)
(moment of randomness dialogue on the track)

The current situation is extremely hostile
That’s why the only weapon that we need is the gospel (2)
The G virus, that we use to cure the infection
And put up quarantines for the nations protection (4)
Declaration of this faith can be therapeutic
And yet in foreign nations we can be persecuted(6)
Put to death just for spreading the message
Of love hope peace and the need for repentance (8)
Such a freedom that many have taken for granted
Instead of leading by example, growing seeds that they planted (10)
Put your gas mask on, so you don’t breath death
Or fall prey to the outbreak of sin in the flesh (12)
Theres a war for your soul, and your mind is the stage
Let your soul break free outside of that cage (14)
Death to the zombie nations of the Earth
And make way for universal spiritual rebirth (16)
(chorus 4x)
Track Name: Armor Of God
Yea. Time to get some Ephesians chapter 6 verse 10-18 up in this place, man!
(Chorus 2X: Take up my armor and sword
The Armor of God, The Armor of the Lord
I will stand my ground, and make my lord proud
Satan’s going down, and that’s that)

Everyday I struggle just to keep my faith and trust in Him
Cause the Devil’s always scheming, trying to lure me back into my sin (2)
That is why the Lord has blessed with a weapon of defense
The Armor on my body, like a Spartan up against the prince(4)
Standing firm, with the belt of truth that’s buckled tight around my waist
Breastplate of righteousness, keeping my heart in its place(6)
Feet fitted with readiness that comes from the gospel of peace
So everywhere I be, the fighting shall cease, and the beauty shall overcome the beast (8)
Taking up the shield of faith, like a captain for America
Exstinguish all the flaming arrows, end all the hysteria (10)
Helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit
The very word of God for anybody that will hear it(12)
Its dangerous to go alone, so take this with you to the grave
Satan waits for nobody, whether or not you have been saved (14)
But you dwell in the shelter of the Most high and so you will rest
In the shadow of the Almighty God, your refuge in the wilderness (16)
( Chorus 2X)

This is a showdown, and I throwdown for the Lord above me
But not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, (2)
Don’t bore me, Powers of the dark and spiritual forces you cannot see in 3D
Or a Harry Potter Movie, or a video game on Xbox 360 (4)
I pray daily, only God can save me
Inspired by my ancestors, you could call me Isreali (6)
But there aint no Jew or Gentile, slave or free, girl or guy
For we are all one in the Savior Lord Jesus Christ (8)
Living in a nation, full of temptation, Faith in the lord on all occassions
Pray for the broken ,greedy and lost who desperately need salvation (10)
This is not religion, this is a relationship
You can have the world, it’s the Lord that im pacing with (12)
Love is unconditional, this world will not be missing you
Because you chose to live for God and not obey its sinful rules (14)
But u r eternal, so to hell with temporary things
Raise your hands up to the sky and take the grace that God brings
(Chorus 2X)
Track Name: Look Down
Oppression overseas from the bullet of a gun
Just because we stand in belief of the Son (2)
Of God, Jesus, as our true Lord and Savior
And still we choose to love and forgive our neighbors (4)
Persecution, death and destruction of the temples
Religious terrorism on a whole other level (6)
Sanctuary lies in ruins, but our church is not a building
We’ll make it till the Son of God returns, Lord willing (8)
Living waters flow while the nations pour bombs
Women beaten and imprisoned in the nation of Islam (10)
Trapped in fear and marriage, as if it were a crime
To be a lady, even forced to be a wife at age nine (12)
Satan has led man to believe he is a God
Whipping us into shape by the tail of a rod (14)
Yet the many who are weak will stumble and frown
And while locked in the cage, they yell to them all Look down (16)
Every moment of my life is a struggle, so I pray
Thank God if I ever live to see another day (2)
Cause tomorrow is not guaranteed, nor ever promised
Condemned to execution and dismissed as dishonest (4)
Chained like a slave, forced to live in seclusion
Jesus gave us life like a blood transfusion (6)
Cover us and wash us with grace and forgiveness
Even though we top all the worldwide hitlists (8)
Threatened to be killed as a martyr by the claw
Legislation turned against me in the name of the law (10)
Making my praise illegal, worship labeled as profanity
Thrown into jail, calling my faith insanity (12)
Bodies layed flat, piled up in the street
Beaten by the authorities, frying in the heat (14)
No mercy from the so called Master of the Town
Every elder man in the crowd says to me look down (16)
Look at the scars run across my face
Lord God, how I long for your sweet embrace (2)
Rescue me from the evildoers, from the fowl’s snare
Tears filling up the rivers of my living nightmare (4)
Look at the people, how they cheer for my suffering
Yet I endure towards the road to recovery (6)
The marks on my skin dig deep to the core
Even smacked in the face by the Bible that I stand for (8)
Pray for Iraq, China and North Korea,
Indonesia, Algeria, and even Nigeria (10)
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt and Rome
India, Turkey, and many more around the globe (12)
Each day a Christian dies, though we never see them
While many of us fail to use our given freedoms (14)
Pray hard on your knees, head bowed to the ground
For at this very moment, Rulers tell these people look down (16)
( Chorus)
Track Name: The One
As a slave I was born into this bondage
Held hostage as a prisoner like contracts with a signature (2)
But now I am free, no longer dependant on the machines
That lead me to believe this world I know is my reality(4)
Took the red pill, now my eyes have opened, all I see
Digital streams, encrypted and encoded with the green (6)
Color of life, Unplugged and taught the truth about the core
Walk through the door and open my mind, for Zion I shall fight the war, (8)
Back in black, ready to attack, take off just like superman
Shoot like missiles, with Jujitsu, bullets drop like pools of sand (10)
Agent Smith has set the stage for the final battle in the rain
Im bringin the pain and with my A Game, I will put this rogue program to shame (12)
(4 bar rest)

It ends tonight, so cut the chat and fight
Im separated from false beliefs and feeling influenced by lies (2)
From ignorance lead me to truth, from fear lead me to hope and faith
Deliver me from darkness to the light and love from all the hate (4)
Guide me out the valley of the shadow of the death
And lead me to eternity, with joy inside my every breath (6)
Out of Zions hill is where our salvation will come
For the prophecy says destruction shall follow with the return of the one (8)
Jesus, Not Neo, Not even the Oracle
Everything that has a beginning has an end, horrible (10)
Or Amazing outcome, decision lies in our hands
This is where we choose a side and where we make our final stand (12)
( 4 bars)
Reloaded and ready for a matrix revolution
End pollution to the holy city of Jerusalem (2)
The holy city tainted with enemy agents and the rest
The lady in the red dress, seduction from a temptress (4)
I lay my body at the altar of my mind and let it go
Peace between machines and people all around the very globe (6)
Breaking down the hard truth and getting back to basics
I am now a new creation, free from the MATRIX! (8)
Track Name: Nature of the Light
A soft swift breeze flows through the trees
The waterfall feeds into the river (2)
Soul and spirit breathe joy and peace
Salvation has been delivered (4)
Growing, ice is snowing
Gentle kiss of the moonlight glimpse (6)
Experience shall lead to knowing
Old ways washed with a cleansing rinse (8)
Hear the flute, pleasing noises
Sounds of the background fill the air (10)
Conscience speaking with quiet voices
Mind has been set, no burdens bared (12)
Clouds in the heavens, abstract shapes
Grasslands stretch to the open sky (14)
Destiny rests in the hands of fate
So is the nature of the light (16)

(Chorus 2X: Sun and moon, rain and fire
Love over hate, want and desire
Pain and pleasure, hope and fear
Nature of the light has drawn u near
Good and evil, right and wrong
Poetry translated into song
Blind eyes now see clear
Nature of the light has drawn u near)

Houses, rest on the mountains
Stars light up the constellations (2)
Crescent village with youthful fountains
Big roads lead towards all the nations (4)
Dwell in the temple beyond the hills
Meditation on all things pure (6)
Following the path of the creator’s will
Promises met with my faith assured (8)
Sailing, arms wide open
Shore distant from the wavy seas (10)
Landscapes painted like a canvas, hoping
Miracles, blessings, put to ease (12)
All my worries, give me wisdom
To be free as a bird in flight (14)
Live beyond your own ecosystem
Embrace the nature of the light (16)

(Chorus 2X)
Track Name: Belong( ft. 2 Mello)
It’s October and staying like 75 out
I’m rocking my little jacket and glad to be alive now
swinging a cold ale8 bottle at my side
one thing from KY that I will need till I die
if every general could feel the way I feel now
the wars would be over and soldiers would hit their home towns
optimistic with a paycheck before the weekend
and the air pocket in my Air Forces wasn’t squeakin
at my boy’s I won the game I never do, Madden,
Saw a gangsta rapper out and didn’t even slap him
A cutie passed me on my street I stared at my feet
Thinking she wasn’t the type that nerdy rappers often meet
She tapped me sayin didn’t I see you sing the other day
I said (yeah) cuz it was the only show I ever played
Man sometimes the Lex can be the worst place
But days like this it truly feels like my birthplace

Yea, We put it on for our cities
Even if we don’t belong in our cities
Representing the people, and all of our culture
Microphone fiends like a pack of vultures

I took a breath of fresh air this morning
And normally I’d feel like it was lonely and boring (2)
But this day was different, something never experienced
I felt alive like I was taking life serious (4)
finally left from mr rogers land of make believe
And took the step towards my freedom with a mission to achieve(6)
I hit the road rolling, like Marty Mcfly
Reminiscing on my childhood, 1995 (8)
I love the joy of knowing I can be who I wanna be
Go where I know I belong in this city (10)
Put it down for the lord and all the nerds
Launch the mortal kombat uppercut, Superb (12)
Like Super Mario I got that sunshine
My faith conquers the sands of time (14)
Those who believe shall never thirst
So im’a celebrate hard like my day of birth (16)


who’s that dude off in the corner ignoring your
sassy comments and constantly taking long sips of coffee
while spittin common sense to confidantes who seeming lost and dazed
I’m confident it’s me on one of the most awesome days
My Mello soundbites calm you like Obama’s do
I’ll never go aggro like Em and them, I promise you
Now lemme pass this over to my copilot
people heed your seat belt signs, his name is Masdamind

Attention passengers, we’re now reaching our destination
Masdamind and 2Mello hear to rock the nations
Bring a voice to those who don’t know hope and joy
Be your guide unto the light that brightens and will fill the void
The truth is in the skies, so no need to look higher
Bring the fire in the ring like Eye of the Tiger
So live your life just like if it was your last night
Thanks for coming and I’ll see you on the next flight
Track Name: Hip Hop
Yes this beat is raw, coming at your door
Start to scream out loud, Hip hop’s back for more(2)
Yo, I was a fiend before I became a teen
I melted microphones instead of cones of ice cream(4)
They Scared to Death and scared to look
They shook, cause aint no such thing as halfway crooks(6)
Yall, And you don’t stop
To the beat yall, and you dont stop(8)
Chorus 1: Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge
Im trying not to lose my head
( Its like a jungle sometimes, Its makes me wonder how I keep from going under (2x)
I said a hip hop, the hippie to the hippie to the hip hop hop and you don’t stop, the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat(4)
Extremity in rhythm, yea that’s what you heard
So just clean out your ears and just check the word (6)
Déjà vu, tell you what I’m gonna do
When they reminisce over you, my God(8)

Chorus 2: Im gonna knock out , Mama said knock you out, Im gonna knock you out boy, Mama said knock you out (2x)

Way back in the day,
Hip hop was much more than just a phase,(2)
It was a movement, art, culture and a way of life
MC’s rocking every night (4)
Its time for resurrection, to raise the roots
That started all of hip hop that we know is true(6)
No more money driven motives and boundaries
Cause nowadays the audience members are zombies(8)
Now in 3D, they try to see me
But with the eyes of the spirit I now see clearly (10)
Satan is the name of the game, so I aint playing
I say what I mean and I mean what im saying (12)
Two thumbs up to Gods grace
Allowing music to be created in the first place (14)
And if u don’t know, now you know suckah(16)
(Chorus: Ready or not, here I come, you cant hide,
Gonna find you and take it slowly
Ready or not, here I come, you cant hid,
Gonna find you and make you want me,)
(4 bar rest)

Everybody sound the same, commercialize the game
Reminiscin when it wasn’t all business (2)
If it got where it started,
So we all gather here for the dearly departed (4)
It never was about the money
It was about giving back to the poor and hungry (6)
Saying what needed to be said, even if
You ended up behind bars and got sued by the plantiff(8)
Truth in the verses, Roots in the words, this
Thing called hip hop serves as a purpose (10)
This goes out to the pioneers
Who have been all but forgotten over all these years (12)
A to Z, spanning many different names
Most rappers nowadays put em all to shame (14)
Now they dropping and yelling, it’s a tad bit late
R.i.p to Nate dogg, so i got to regulate (16)

Hip hop is more than music. Hip hop has crossed cultural boundaries that other music genres never crossed. Hip hop is not only the music you listen to, but the way you walk, talk, dress, and act. Hip hop is a state of mind. An entire generation. 30 years strong. We are the hip hop generation.

To put it into simpler terms, KRS One said it best. : “Rap is what we do. Hip hop is how we live.”

Keep the music alive. Keep it real. Keep it true. And Just keep on moving.
Track Name: Ape Crazy
( Donkey Kong up in this place, so don’t be starting nothing
Clap for the heavyweight champ of the jungle, then get started jumping
I’m going ape crazy, I’m going ape crazy, Going bananas like ( *donkey kong pest pounding roar noise) 2X))

With my hulk sized hands, throwin barrels and smashing fighter planes
Going insane, like mental houses saying “go and play”(2)
Have fun, dash and run, ride a rhino through a wall
Bang the drums so loud you’d think the rhythm is my mating call (4)
Pause, Its time to set if off, this
Red tie is official, but I don’t work at an office (6)
Yes, though I am a boss, lets
Focus on the task at hand and rack up all the profits (8)
Not greedy, just needy, not clingy, just feeling like dancing
Species primal, planet, the likes of which you can not imagine( 10)
Bopping with a hot head, crusin on a swordfish
Let’s go now, everybody say the chorus (12)
( hook 2x)

It aint easy being king, with my lil nephew diddy
And his wifey girl Dixie, play the game in case u missed me (2)
Tag Team, with a country, dk island swing
Funky Barrel, so fly like a F-18 (4)
Finally got back my banana hoard
Beat King K Rool, well now Im bored (6)
Think I’ll do it all over again
Super Nintendo Enertainment system for the win!
(hook 2x)
Track Name: Love Triangle
This one night I had a late date with Destiny
Destiny said she wanted was best for me (2)
Conversation turned to prophesy, we ended as friends
But she told me someday we would meet again (4)
Then she vanished, straight up outta my life
Fell in love with a girl, wanna make her my wife (6)
Gave her a nickname, called her faith
Cause I believe and in my arms I made her feel safe (8)
Lost sight of the prize
Messing around, other things on my mind (10)
Things like looks, things like sex appeal
Rather take what was fake cause it felt real (12)
One moment, got the offer of a lifetime
Had to m ake my decision, no lifelines (14)
Being stuck in my apartment, starving
I wanna see me walking down the red carpet (16)
Got the love for the game, so I wanna play
Though I know the power of the star doesn’t stay (18)
Forever, only just for a minute
But like a track runner, im in it to win it (20)
Got the ambition, but not the right mindset
So dry that I wanna get my feet wet (22)
But this logic is so undeniable
Feeling caught up in a Love Triangle (24)

Chorus: I love you, ohhh ohhh
Girl I love you, ohhhh
But you just don’t know ohhh
How I love you so,
Feeling so much pain
Though I do got faith
All I want is fame
I feel so ashamed ohhhh noooo
Ohhhhh noooooo

I feel so ashamed, I feel so ashamed (2x)

So me n this girl named fame started kicking it
Gave her everything she wanted, straight killing it (2)
Took the spotlight, set the whole world ablaze
Fame took me up the charts, I was so amazed (4)
Fame made me a celebrity, and all I did
Was choose her over faith, and a life and kids (6)
Suddenly as I got much bigger
Fame wanted more from me, had to make her richer (8)
My time, my energy, my essence
Fame was just taking it all, such malevolence (10)
Drove me crazy, I thought I was crazy in love
Deer blinded by the very spotlight from above (12)
Fame betrayed my trust, took my game and just
Turned the tables on me, hooked the bait on me (14)
And switched it, I’m so done with it, packed my bags to leave
Take my career, but not my air to breath (16)
Its too late, name written on the contract
A slave to her will, I aint having that (18)
Found a gun, closed my eyes then pulled the trigger
Felt this bright light hit while my thoughts were dimmer (20)
My eyes opened, found out it was just a dream
Faith resting so comfortably next to me (22)
Learned my lesson, I never will give up on faith
Still believing with my eyes both wide awake (24)

Track Name: Nerdy Christian
The name is Masdamind and I love to party
Im so McFly that people call me Marty (2)
Like an old school cat, I bring the old school back
With a vengeance, and disregard the mainstream census (4)
Bout to go Michael Jackson on this thriller
With moves like Megaman and fire of Godzilla (6)
I’m a killer, but don’t call me Croc
Cause once I pop, yo the fun don’t stop (8)
You are the guest, I am the host
With the most like Space Ghost coast to coast (10)
Infected with the Jesus virus
I literally would marry Miley Cyrus (12)
that is a fantasy, not a reality
Spyro the Dragon, gnorcs wanna battle me (14)
And end my rap career
But Im not goin anywhere, Im right here (16)
( Chorus 2: I got my super Nintendo
I got my Playstation 2
I give my thanks to the way,
And To the light and to the truth)

Here’s the second verse
Feels like im trapped under Superman’s curse (2)
I still keep moving, making the hits
Bowl straight down the lane and make a field goal split (4)
I’m not Katniss but I hunger for the games
NO way im ever turning my back on Yawheh (6)
J-E-S-U-S the Christ
Who paid the price for life that I live so bright (8)
Christianity and nerdcore, I represent both
Though the audience might want me on a rope (10)
Well the art of hip hop doesn’t have a limit
Creation on display just like an exhibit (12)
Not a cheat code, but one of God’s names (14)
The father, why even bother?
Most folks are more dead than manslaughter (16)
Feels like im torn between ying and yang
One foot in the sun, one in the rain (18)
But with Gods help, I can find a balance,
Even if the whole world goes against my talent (20)
( Chorus 2x)
You can do anything that u wanna do
But u better not step on my blue suede shoes (2)
Or else things might get a lil antsy
Like flying on a plane with no phalangee (4)
Crash Bandicoot riding four by fours
With 006, gotta settle the score (6)
But not for England, just for me
Laser guided wristwatch, turn it off for the pause screen (8)
Cool Party. Freeze!
What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age (10)
What? You aint seen my movies?
And who told u u could eat my cookies? (12)
All right, enough of those games
Some of yall must think I am lame (14)
But I don’t care, cause Im just me
One big nerd headed for eternity (16)
(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Lightsabers
Chorus: When I say light, u say saber Light (Saber), Light (Saber)
When I say Darth, u say vader, Darth (Vader) Darth (Vader)

Yo, feels like a wild west show down
Cause when the lightsabers come out, its about to go down (2)
Quick Fast Draw with a trap like Admiral achbar
Destroy my opponents with one strike like the death star (4)
Boom, say bye bye to your home planet
Leave u walking the sands of Tatooine stranded (6)
Im not a tie fighter, so don’t try to call it a draw
Retreat to your slimy mudhole on Dagobah (8)
Whats a blaster to a green lighstaber?
Your Han is solo while my arms are around Leia (10)
The princess, cause I am a fly talker
I Party in the clouds, Call me a skywalker (12)
Obi Wan had told me I’m the only hope
And Yoda gave me all the training I would need to cope (14)
So im’a take this lighstaber and go fight Vader
I am not afraid to die cause I am a Jedi (16)

(Chorus 2x)
I go hard when the force is unleashed
For the Rebel alliance, No justice, no peace (2)
Dish best served cold like Hoth, This is all we got
A flow more hideous than darth Sidious (4)
The X wing is the best thing since robotic arms
Away put your weapon, I mean you no harm (6)
Psyche, I do damage towards all of my haters
With my lightsaber flavor or my thermal detonator (8)
Don’t ever go toe to toe against a skywalker
Get chocked out like Jabba, then become Bantha fodder (10)
I knock bounty hunters into the pit
Of Sarlacc, never come back out the abyss (12)
You will surely be missed while I jump to light speed
I draw the crowd closer with my tractor beam (14)
Crush the dark side when I make my final stand
Playing that same old tune like a Cantina Band (16)
Other rappers got the flow of R2D2,
Everytime you spit a verse, we have to beep you (18)
Such amateurs, never more, never less
There’s only the master and the apprentice (20)
I’m a Jedi for Jesus, but noone believed me
I am one with the Lord, so you cant deceive me (22)
Go ahead Sith, try and earn my favor
You shall be struck down with my lighstaber (24)

( Chorus 2x)
Track Name: On to the Next One
Been at it for a while now, back in the game
Different day, same girl, aint nothing changed(2)
But this time ,got a reason to celebrate
Survived, Im alive and I strive to live my life on (4)
Blast, Got a boss that I beat, three shots to the dome
No amount of vanilla can cover the Donut (6)
Plains, so its time to roll,
1 up, 2, 3, 4 now lets go (8)
Raise your glass for the victory
For over 30 years, I been making history (10)
Enemies on a platter like a pizzeria
Got all the fanboys shouting “Mama Mia”(12)
Three cheers for rising above
Hip hip Hooray in the name of love (14)
Hold on princess, I’m coming home
So press start and let’s a go (16)

(Chorus: One down, One more to go
Good times when u in the world of Mario
All best to the test till the quest is done
Then we up and at it and on to the next one)

Yes, Super M in the house
Tear the castle walls down when I make it loud (2)
Time to take this world by hand
And throw fireballs till they all throw up the white flag (4)
Even got ghosts scared to see
That’s why they cover up they eyes when they aim at me(6)
I will take away the bullet, leave you the bill
And have you singing sad songs on capital hill(8)


NO trophy, just yoshi
Yea you see me but u don’t know me (2)
All you know is the game, but not the player
Tossin big koopa shells at all the haters (4)
Feels just like graduation
I’ve made it out the fortress of confrontation (6)
So lets toast one more time to me
And party down till the end like new years eve (8)